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Action / Adventure Deck - number of cards?

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  • Action / Adventure Deck - number of cards?

    Hey guys, I ordered this and shortly after poking through them and showing to my wife, I noticed one of the adventure cards got a slight bend in the corner. No big, it’s minor (I’m the type to keep things mint, so noticed it) but I fear actual use may cause them to distress unlike my regular poker playing cards.

    To the the end of protecting them, I was going to order some protectors from Amazon, these “Pro Ultra Matte Clear sleeves”. If I went with ones with colored back I’d have more choices but with clear I am limited to 600 and 100 quantities. I know it comes with 54 Action cards, how many adventure or total cards? I assume 54 + 52? If so, I’d order 2x100. But if I can get away with single pack of 100 if <= 46 adventure cards Based on eyeballin’ both decks seemed the same size...

    Im at work and want to order them asap so cannot count them and forgot to do so last night.

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    Ah, I feel foolish, on Amazon the first two paragraphs appear more or less but not the last and when I read it hear I only noticed no number describing Adventure but missed the summation in para 3, so it is 108:

    Feeling adventurous? Got a little action in you? These are exactly the cards you’re looking for!

    The Action Deck is a custom 54-card poker deck especially for Savage Worlds initiative. Its larger index numbers and clear faces make cross-table reading a breeze, red and black jokers are clearly distinct, and the full-art face cards really put the mood on the table!

    The Adventure Deck puts some story control in the hands of the players and lots of spice into the action. Add story twists like romantic interests, enemies, and larger-than-life opponents at the drop of a hat. See characters pull off amazing feats. Bring more excitement to your gaming table than ever before!

    This is a bundle of two poker-sized (2.5″ x 3.5″) 54-card, full-color decks for use with Savage Worlds.


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      I believe what you are referring to is the Action/Adventure deck for the Deluxe version. I have that as well. The action deck is very nice. The adventure deck has some AWESOME cards that will definitely add some fun to the mix as long as you are able to improvise well with the story. Some of them cause some pretty big impacts on story. Also, remember that you may need to tweak some of them as they are for the previous version of SW.


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        Thanks VoyerX3, I will be using the. for Deluxe rules still. I ordered the Boxed set for SWADE so will have the new deck eventually as well.