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  • [ SWADE v4.1 Typos ]

    A few of the typos/formatting items reported in 4.0 feedback remain in the 4.1 release:

    Page 19. "Regeneration" and "Horns" listings should be in bold.

    Page 28: "Young (Minor/Major)" should be "Young (Minor or Major)"

    Possible issue:
    Page 74: The graphic at the bottom of the page has an unintentional(?) gray dot in the lower right.

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    Originally posted by Holgaph View Post
    Page 28: "Young (Minor/Major)" should be "Young (Minor or Major)"
    I think Shane's just trolling us at this point


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      Warrior's Gift
      "The caster (not the recipient) must have the same Rank or higher as the Edge’s Requirements."
      Consider "must be the same Rank or higher than the Edge’s Requirements." instead.
      or "must meet the Rank Requirement of the Edge." instead.

      "With a raise, the recipient gains the Improved version of the Edge (if there is one, and even if he doesn’t meet the Rank Requirement)." Hmmmmm. Given that some of the Improved edges are no longer "the same but better", does this still make sense? e.g. If I want to give someone the Dodge Edge but roll a raise, they get Improved Dodge, which is not the effect we were looking for. Could we change it to "the recipient also gains the Improved version" instead?

      "With a raise, the recipient gains the Improved version of the Edge (if there is one, and even if he doesn’t meet the Rank Requirement)."
      "he" sounds like it's referring to the recipient (because that was the last person mentioned) never has to meet the rank requirement, the caster does. Consider "(if there is one, and even if the caster doesn’t meet the Rank Requirement)." instead.


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        Social Conflict (page143)
        First sentence of "Trials" reads:
        "Stage trials and similar conflicts from the accuser’s point of view since they must usually prove the accused’s guilt."
        Presumably should read:
        "Stage trials and similar conflicts are from the accuser’s point of view since they must usually prove the accused’s guilt."

        Yep, ValhallaGH is right.
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        • ValhallaGH
          ValhallaGH commented
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          Nope. "Trials" is the noun, "Stage" is the verb for the first clause, directing the GM to organize "trials and similar conflicts".

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        Still awesome and thank you for the work and dedication Shane and Co.

        pg 60 (summary) Improved First Strike description still says adjacent so that should be updated too.
        pg 61 (summary) Humiliate seems like a copy past of Reliable (stating support and not Taunt rolls, which it should be).

        Hopefully not too much more.


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          A few more:

          Page 94: "Combat Damage:". Should this instead read "Unarmed Damage:"?

          Page 108: Under Test, the page reference for Distracted or Vulnerable is 203. This should instead refer to page 100, where Vulnerable and Distracted are explained fully.


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            There are many great things to like about SWADE. I look forward to the final version.

            Pg 11: Under Toughness - "Vigor over a d12 is calculated just like Parry, above." Perhaps restate to something like, "Toughness for a character with Vigor over d12..."

            Pg 13: Avion - "Some are feathered while others are leathery or even scaled." Should have a comma after 'feathered'.

            Pg 19: Skill Bonus - "(this may be only be taken once per skill)". Recommend removing the first "be".

            Pg 29: Boating - "They also know how to handle common tasks associated with their vessel such as tying knots, rigging sails, or following currents." Should have a comma after 'vessel'.

            Pg 82: Infrared Night Vision - "Thermal imaging devices halve Illumination penalties targets that give off heat." Needs a preposition before the word 'targets'; perhaps 'against' or 'versus'?

            Pg 108: Surprise - "(if they haven’t already, perhaps from ambushers sneaking upon them)." For this usage 'upon' should be replaced with 'up on'.

            Pg 137: Red's Rage - "In the game, Red is barred from local tavern..." Needs and article between 'from' and 'local'; recommend 'from the local tavern'.

            Pg 177: Paralysis - "Victim who suffer damage or a Shaken result..." Should be plural 'victims'.

            Regards, Gordon


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              Hindrance Summaries (page 56)

              Can't Swim entry - There's an extra space in "(Athletics )" before the close parenthesis.


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                Ranged Weapons (page 73)

                Not sure if mistake, but not only is Knife/Dagger one of the only weapons not listed in alphabetical order, it's also inconsistent with the entry in melee weapons (Dagger/Knife) on the previous page.


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                  Page 93: Melee Attacks:
                  The brief discussion of how to calculate Parry under this section is confusing. Perhaps remove it or make the phrasing identical to that on page 10? The derived statistic calculation already clearly explained on page 10.


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                    Page 42: The description for Improvisational Fighter uses the word "penalti" instead of "penalty".


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                      Custom Races
                      You have two abilities called Keen Senses, one under the Avions and one under Saurians but they have different effects. This might be confusing for new players. Possibly rename the Avion one "Eagle eyed" or a similar bird pun?

                      "Climbing has been folded into Athletics." The full stop is in red, every other full stop is in black (even those after other skills). (I know, very petty!)

                      Reactions- Sidebar
                      "In a mixed group, the GM can use the general average or whoever does most of the talking or is otherwise the leader of the party." The general average of what? I think that this is an artefact from when Charisma was used, and can be safely removed.

                      Improvisional Fighter
                      "He ignores the usual –2 penalti" I think that should be "penalty" singular (unless I am misreading pg102, then it should be "penalties").

                      "Make an enemy reroll an attack made against her." I think the intent is to make the enemy roll worse but the section on rerolls says "You may keep any of the totals generated, so rerolls never make things worse unless you roll a Critical Failure." so I'm not certain what it should say under Chi. Does it need a "(and take the worse result)." or a "They must take the new result." tacked on to the end of it?

                      Improved Arcane Resistance, Very Attractive, Famous, Great Luck, Filthy Rich
                      None of those are indented to indicate they are an "improved" edge (all the improved ones on the next page are, so I assume this is an error).

                      Improved Counterattack, Improved Extraction, Improved First Strike, Improved Level Headed
                      Only partially indented. It looks odd to have the "second line" of those names on the same vertical level as a regular edge (all the improved ones on the next page are "correctly" indented, so I assume this is an error).

                      First Strike/Improved First Strike
                      "Free Fighting attack once per round when foe moves within Reach." "Free Fighting attack against up to three foes when they move adjacent." Adjacent or within Reach?

                      "+1 to recover from being Shaken for troops in command." consider "+1 to Extras' Shaken recovery rolls in Command Range." to match other summaries of Leadership edges.

                      Natural Leader
                      "Leadership Edges that apply to Extras now apply to Wild Cards as well." All Leadership Edges apply to only Extras now. Consider "Leadership Edges now apply to Wild Cards as well." instead.

                      "Draw an extra Action Card each turn that may be assigned to any ally in Command Range." Given it only applies to Extras consider "Draw an extra Action Card each turn that may be assigned to any allied Extra in Command Range." instead.

                      Soldier- Summary
                      "Free reroll Vigor rolls when resisting environmental Hazards." Missing an "on"?

                      Humiliate- Summary
                      "Free reroll when making Support rolls." Should be "Taunt Tests.".

                      Improvised Weapons- Light
                      All the other entries lists "Min. Str dX.", does Light need a similar entry?

                      Social Conflict- Example
                      "That’s three tokens in total. The baron agrees but requires payment in land from his neighbor in return for committing his army to his rival’s defense." Isn't that the 4-5 tokens result- "The arbiter is reasonably convinced or willing to help. He grants the aid requested, more or less, but only under certain conditions or in exchange for payment, tasks, favors, etc."?

                      "Casting Requirements
                      A character must be able to see his target and cannot be Bound (see page 98). (Gifted, Psions, and Weird Scientists may ignore the speech requirement.)"
                      What speech requirement? This section mentions nothing about it and the only time it is brought up in the whole chapter is when the Magic and Miracles Backgrounds say they need it, which reads more like a restriction on those 2 Arcane backgrounds than a benefit for other 3. I would just delete the whole bracketed sentence.

                      Maintaining Powers
                      "It costs 1 Power Point to maintain a power for its base Duration." That reads like it costs an additional Power Point for the original casting. Consider "It only costs 1 Power Point to extended a power for its base Duration again." instead.

                      Mirror Self
                      "it has identical mundane equipment (no magical qualities, disappears when the power expires;" I think the ; should be a closing bracket.

                      Zombie- Permanent
                      No solution to the permanent zombie for no power points question? Not even changing it to "This has no additional cost, but cannot be shortened (see page 150) and the Power Points used to raise it are invested and unavailable until it’s destroyed." or adding "If this modifier is selected it cannot be cast via shortening. (see page 150)."?

                      Dark Sight
                      The summary does not match up with the new effects. "Ignore -4 lightning penalty, -6 and pitch dark with a raise."

                      Missing a full stop at the end of the summary.

                      Shape Change
                      Still lists "Sm" as the range when this was changed to "Self".

                      Other dual Powers list both durations when they differ for each aspect of the Power, this just has one of them, it should be I/5.
                      I don't know if you want to do the same with the range, for Sm*5/Sm


                      • Matchstickman
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                        Also, I don't think it needs correcting but RAW you can take both Elderly and Young at the same time!

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                      Last one I swear!
                      Originally posted by PEGShane View Post
                      p184: Giant Worm's slam attack now ignores up to four points of Scale mods.
                      The text in the book does not reflect that change, Slam ignores ALL Scale modifiers. Which is correct, what you say or what is written?


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                        Also, I'm giving this one a bump and an PEGShane because the 4.0 thread got a "fixed" post and this one didn't, possibly missed as it was several pages down. I hope it just didn't get a post because it's not time for an update yet and that those in charge did see this thread, but let's not just leave it to hope.


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                          Originally posted by Matchstickman View Post
                          Last one I swear!
                          OK. OK. Apparently I lied.

                          No Power points Summary
                          "Those with arcane backgrounds don’t track Power Points but instead subtract half the listed Power Point cost (round down)"
                          However on page 140 it says "The penalty to the roll is the power’s total cost in Power Points (base cost plus all Modifiers), divided by 2. Round up." so I'm guessing the round down on page 142 should be round up!