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[SWADE v4] Killer Instinct

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  • [SWADE v4] Killer Instinct

    I hope this wasn't posted yet, but I couldn´'t find anything.
    So the descriptions of this edge differ wildly between the main description and the table at the end of the chapter:
    Main: This hero hates losing. He gets a free reroll in any opposed test he initiates.
    Table: Win tied opposed rolls and may spend Bennies (or Conviction if used) to increase total after defender declares total.

    So which version is right? And how is the summary longer than the complete text?

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    I think maybe Shane forgot to edit the Table-one when changing the edge.


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      The Edge text is correct. The summary table shows the edge as it existed in the v2.1 release. It was changed in v3 to give rerolls on opposed tests after the target generated their score, and then simplified in v4 to the version that exists now.


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        "He gets a free reroll in any opposed test he initiates." ... the word "test" confuses me ... does it work only for Tests (but there should be "Test". Or why not "opposed roll"?


        • ValhallaGH
          ValhallaGH commented
          Editing a comment
          If it's not capitalized then it's probably not a game term, and is instead using the word in it's common definition.

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        So in the last version it is capitalized ... it makes sense