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Racial Enemy affects two races, but only impacts build points for one race

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  • Racial Enemy affects two races, but only impacts build points for one race

    Reading the description of Racial Enemy for the Rakashans it's clear that the Rakashan's enemy suffers the same penalty. Unless this enemy race is strictly an NPC race it seems anyone playing a character from the Rakashan's Racial Enemy suffers an additional penalty without a balancing benefit. Could the Racial Enemy hindrance also include a rule that the target race gains a free skill point to be applied to a skill of the GM's choice to represent how the target race's culture has responded? It could be a combat skill, Stealth, etc. Seems like there should be some kind of minor offset to the target race essentially picking up an extra racial hindrance.

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    The intent of the hindrance is that the race w/ the hindrance is an uncommon race, and their enemy race is a common race - so it's basically the "Outsider" hindrance, but only applying to a single race instead of the entire culture of the game world.


    • Deskepticon
      Deskepticon commented
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      But Outsider doesn't impose a penalty to other characters. And a race can simply take Outsider if the intent is make them uncommon and/or subjugated.

      Racial Enemy has always been unfair to the "other race." Settings should give the ability to both races or none.

    • wmarshal
      wmarshal commented
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      I don't know if Racial Enemy can be applied strictly speaking to both races in the core book race examples as whoever winds up being the Rakashan's enemy would be setting specific. Maybe that could've been the intent that the other race also has the Racial Enemy hindrance, but per Matt's comment that isn't the case, and such an intent would need to be made more explicit in any case.

    • Brickulos
      Brickulos commented
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      I always had both races be playable and both had racial enemy.

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    Having both races have Racial Enemy would keep things balanced. However, in the Last Parsec setting that is not what was done when the Rakashans had the Kalians as their enemy.


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      Just because someone considers you an enemy doesn't mean you consider them an enemy.
      Similarly, you could declare that you are business rivals with Mark Zuckerberg - that doesn't mean he knows of or cares about your rivalry.

      Just like my lust for someone else doesn't mean they lust for me, one race's hatred for another doesn't mean the second reciprocates.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


      • paladin2019
        paladin2019 commented
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        "one race's hatred for another doesn't mean the second reciprocates."

        Except in the case of Racial Enemy, it does. "Members of each culture subtract 2 from Persuasion when dealing with each other and often attack on sight."

        Not that I think it's that big a deal that characters of the other race get drawn into this.

      • ValhallaGH
        ValhallaGH commented
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        paladin2019 Yeah, the Rakashan version doesn't match the generic version.
        "Racial Enemy (U): This species dislikes another species relatively common to the setting. They suffer a –2 penalty to Persuasion rolls when dealing with their rivals and may become hostile with little provocation. This may only be taken once per race."

        Not sure which one is the mistake, or if I'm just misreading the generic version, but it does need to be brought to the attention of PEGShane so they can fix it.