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[SWADE v4] Reload,Reloading,Crossbows

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  • [SWADE v4] Reload,Reloading,Crossbows

    "Reload" on page 66 refers to Reloading for modern firearms on page 105.
    "Reload" on page 66 also states certain weapons (muskets, crossbows) are slower to reload and have a Reload value.
    "Reloading" on page 105 has additional rules for Crossbows, stating that by default it takes 1 action.
    IMO, these sections need further edits.

    "Crossbows" on page 72 have both Reload 2 for Heavy Crossbow (patch notes indicate Reload: 3) and no Reload property for Crossbows.
    Adding a "Reload" property to the Crossbow listing would help with clarity and flow better if you revise some verbiage on pg 66 and 105.

    Kentucky Rifle on page 73 states Reload 4, but then describes that it takes 3 actions to reload. This should probably read "The tight rifling requires 4 actions instead of the usual 3."


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    This should go into the newest "SWADE feedback" forum (when it opens up, if it isn't already).
    Savage Summaries-RAW, with added info from Clint:Combat Actions,Cover,Healing,Using Powers,Grappling,Chases
    Also:Persuasion,Better Bosses,Better Combat Rating
    And:historical tech levels,generic SW sci-fi tech levels


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      Originally posted by ZenFox42 View Post
      This should go into the newest "SWADE feedback" forum (when it opens up, if it isn't already).
      I don't think they plan to open a dedicated feedback forum for v4, as they consider it more or less final. They will still be doing some play testing and will keep an eye on the general forums, so some things could still change.


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        Ignoring discrepancies between the patch notes and the text of v4, it seems there are a couple of minor typos regarding reloading in the text of v4.

        Pg 73 says: "Notes: Reload 4. The tight rifling requires three actions to reload instead of the usual two." But since the default Reload for Black Powder Weapons is now 3, it should say "...the usual three".
        Pg 105 says: "Gabe fires his musket (Reload 2)", but per page 73 Muskets are reload 3.

        I think these are the only actual typos regarding relaoding. I agree that the wording in the Reload section on page 66 should probably mention that the reloading rules on page 105 are for more than just modern weapons, and that the second paragraph should say either "some crossbows" or "heavy crossbows" instead of just "crossbows". But those are more clarity issues rather than an out and out errors like the first two,


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          Examples fixed, KY Rifle fixed. Thanks