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Summon Ally is dead, Long Live Summon Ally

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  • Summon Ally is dead, Long Live Summon Ally

    I really liked the idea of summon ally being sized flexible, but I understand how that didn't really work out well.

    I am glad that I can still summon "birds" with a modifier.

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    Personally, I'd still like to see a power modifier that allows you to summon larger or smaller creatures, and I think Mirror Self and Sentinel are reversed in the table, but I'm glad that the power being purely size-dependent is gone.


    • SteelDraco
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      It's clear that was intentional since your Mirror Self continues to scale up in power as you go through Heroic and Legendary, and costs extra PP as you increase in ranks. Also, the Sentinel is a beefy beast in terms of melee output.

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    I like it, though the Attendant seems surprisingly sucky compared to previous options. d4s across the board is pretty much just a speed bump in terms of ability to do useful stuff. The addition of Resilient on a raise on the casting roll is kinda nice, though it does mean that you'll have to start tracking a Wound for them.

    It also doesn't completely invalidate my plans for a summoning-focused SWAG product, so that's nice. :-)


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      I find it kind of funny that you can't summon elementals with summon ally anymore, despite the fact that it was originally based on the summon elemental spell from 50 Fathoms, and the stats for elementals are still right there in the bestiary.

      On the other hand, the subject of a "generic" summoning power is a tricky one, since most powers like it would vary from setting to setting anyway.


      • Freemage
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        For Elementals, just follow the example in the text of a Wolf who gains Survival in place of Shooting. Use the Claw Modifier for a Fire Elemental's attack, the Flight Modifier for Air Elementals, then give them some sort of paired benefit/malus for their elemental types.

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      This feels to me like an over correction. I do not know where the balance is, but now it is not a very attractive power, especially if you are playing a Rifts character.

      The summoned allies are to weak to make a real difference in a battle, and their Power Point cost is high for what you are getting.


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        The Attendant is the only one that really sucks; it's built on about half the points of a starting PC (14 points vs a starting PC's 29)

        A normal Novice PC has 5 points of attributes (10 points), 17 skills (5 core + 12 freebies), and two net points of racial abilities.

        The Attendant comes out to 0 points of attributes (d4s across the board), six points of skills, -1 for being Pace 4, ~1 point for a Str+d4 claw, 6ish for the Construct ability (ignoring Immune to Disease and Nerves of Steel as irrelevant, since it's an Extra that only exists for a few rounds), and 2 for Fearless.

        Using the same math based on the race builder, the Bodyguard comes to 28 points and the Sentinel comes to 62. The math for Mirror Self is weird since it varies depending on how many skills you have, but it's somewhere around 45.


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          I'm working on a supplement I'm gonna try to publish for SWAG that gives more options to Summon Ally. The basic idea I have is that you can pick the power more than once, and each time you pick a new set of potential allies you can summon (one for each rank).This should allow for a lot more variety with summoning, while not making it more powerful.