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[SWADE] What’s the point of the new BAR’s variable RoF?

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  • [SWADE] What’s the point of the new BAR’s variable RoF?

    In SWADE v3.0, the BAR explicitly can be fired at RoF 1, 2, or 3.

    Why is this called out explicitly for the BAR? The last sentence of the Ranged Attacks rules on page 93 say “Unless a weapon says otherwise, a shooter can fire less shots than his weapon’s maximum Rate of Fire.” Doesn’t that cover the BAR’s “special rule” as actually being standard for high RoF weapons in general?

    Side note: I find it weird that the BAR and standard-magazine Thomson SMG (and several other WWII magazine-fed automatics, such as the M1941 Johnson light machine gun) usually don’t have enough ammo in a FULL magazine to perform one Suppressive Fire action. RoF 3 requires 30 bullets to do Suppressive Fire but there are a lot of fully automatic weapons with 20-25 round box magazines!

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    The BAR is in the machine gun section and the general section notes say machine guns have a minimum ROF of 2. It has to have a special rule to allow it ROF 1. (However, the BAR doesn't have a semi-automatic setting, so the special rule is in error.)


    • SapphireWyvern
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      Ah good point about that minimum rate of fire for machine guns. I don’t recall seeing that rule before.

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    BAR has two settings in real life: Fast and Slow automatic fire. It was designed to be 'walked' into a fight.


    • DoctorBoson
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      The BAR evidently did have a semi-auto firing in its initial deployment during WWI. Once we got to WWII the semi-auto setting was removed because... reasons. Apparently no one that had to use a BAR appreciated that particular change.