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Problems reading SWADE on Kindle Paperwhite

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  • Problems reading SWADE on Kindle Paperwhite

    I've got a Kindle Paperwhite (not latest but previous version) and when I'm reading the PDF I've got from on it, there are some pages, that produce errors. When reaching certain pages, I get "Page could not be read" and the application ends. If I open the PDF again, it crashes again. I have to be really fast and use "Go To" to go to some other page before I get the error message, or connect the Kindle to the PC and remove the settings for that PDF from the Kindle (where it saves on what page I was on, etc.).

    An example for such a page would be page 55.

    Does anyone else also have this problem?

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    Did you convert to kindle format or leave as PDF?
    I converted mine, and noticed that SWADE and several of the other PDFsn (as I recall Tour of Darkness and DL Noir) had text out of order, pages out of order, etc. Often around pictures.
    Capitalization for sections headings are also screwy, but that's not that big of a deal


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      I left it as PDF. Did not convert anything.