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Killer Instinct with Rabble-Rouser

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  • Killer Instinct with Rabble-Rouser

    Killer Instinct (p43) allow you to reroll an opposed roll you initiated and loose. How will you handle it with Rabble-Rouser (p50) that allow you to affect multiple targets ? (and to any situation where an opposed roll affect multiple targets)

    I will say:
    As soon as one target win, you can reroll? (and the new roll affect all the target. Could be worst or better)

    Am i correct?

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    I'd say you first learn the total result (ie, how many people resisted) before deciding whether or not to risk the re-roll.


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      When you reroll, you choose which of the two rolls (or sets of rolls) to use unless the new roll is a critical failure. Or if you start with a critical failure, in which case you cannot reroll, but for the sake of argument we're assuming the initial roll is at least a success.

      But you don't get to reroll after seeing the opponent's result. If you could, then the game could devolve into constantly rolling against one another. The "attacker" in this instance (the Rabble-Rouser) rolls to set the TN; including possibly rerolling if they aren't happy with the initial total. (And might even be worth the benny if they also have Elan.) Then the "defenders" roll against the TN set by the "attacker". Since Killer Instinct is in play, any ties go to the "attacker" rather than the "defender", but that's the only difference.

      It's all laid out on page 88. I'm not really sure why this is so complicated.


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        Jounichi Killer Instinct has changed. (p43) When you loose an opposed roll you have initiated, you can reroll _after_ the final result of the defender.
        Freemage I agree


        • Jounichi
          Jounichi commented
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          Okay, my bad for not double-checking that first. But nothing changes. The rabble-rouser can still reroll and only uses the higher result. Unless the new result is a critical failure, in which case they've hosed themselves.

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        Jounichi: You're definitely using out of date info:

        Killer Instinct
        REQUIREMENTS: Seasoned
        This hero hates losing. If he loses an opposed
        roll he initiated, he gets a Reroll (see page
        89) after the defender rolls. This occurs after
        the defender gets his total, so the defender
        may not spend Bennies to adjust it further
        (but may spend Conviction if that’s in play).

        Some Edges or abilities grant a “Reroll.”
        Immediately after any Trait roll that’s not a
        Critical Failure, you may pick up the dice and
        roll again, using all the same modifers and
        conditions as before. This replaces the frst
        roll entirely, whether it’s beter or worse, but
        you may spend Bennies afterward as usual.

        This is not a Benny reroll; it's from an Edge, so it uses the more limited rules.


        • Jounichi
          Jounichi commented
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          Fine, that one slipped past me too. Is this y'all just musing to one another, or is this an actual question as to how they interact? Because if it's the latter, then (a) include page references for everyone to easily follow and (b) wait for the actual finished product to come out so you can ask for official clarification.

          Yeah, I'm pissy.

        • Lysenda
          Lysenda commented
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          Page reference are in the text. However i think i make the question quite unclear. With the change of Killer Instinct (p43), i was asking , when you affect several targets in an opposed roll (like with rabble-rouser , but can be in another situation in case), what is considered "loose an initiated opposed roll".(since sometimes you will win some and lose some too with the same roll)
          After more reading, i tend to think as soon as you loose one (after all defender opposed roll), you can reroll.

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        I suspect PEG will state that Killer Instinct only triggers if you lose against all targets in a multi-target roll.
        If anyone failed then you didn't "lose". You just didn't "win" as much as you would have liked. But you didn't "lose".

        That's how they ruled on similar stuff in the past. I suspect they'll rule that way again. Because it's faster at the table.
        I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.