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  • Pledge Manager Status token question

    Hey folks, originally I was going to order a set of the 48 closeout tokens from current rules to go with the new 40 pack with SWADE new rules.

    Is there a reason to not do that due to comparability? Would the older tokens be of any extra use compared to getting an extra set of new tokens?

    I figured likely want more than one to cover the odd situation plus misplaced or damaged tokens. Any thoughts or suggestions from experienced SW players? I’ve only had minor player experience and all of it on Fantasy Grounds so not sure about running on tabletop yet.

    I order a pair of the poker bennies because I always liked them, the status tokens I see in the old ones they have markers for various wound levels, not sure how new ones work as I do not know if the pic in PM covers all types of tokens supplied,

    Happy New Year!

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    The new tokens will include markers for Distracted, Vulnerable, Bound, and Entangled (maybe 1 or 2 others), which are conditions that didn't appear in last edition. If you play FG a lot, you might want the new tokens.


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      I pledged the Collectors set. What I was doing is trying to get “extra” tokens and only after realized that although there are more tokens in the old set (to use in ADDITION to the new tokens included in set), that there ar new conditions. So, if I wanted for table play of ~4 most likely, is the single set with collectors enough or any advantage to get a sec9nd or the sam new or the old tokens for use i. new rules?



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        Oh, my bad. I read that wrong. I thought you had the old set and wanted to know whether you should get the new one. Nevermind me.

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      For a table of 4 + GM, the new sets should be sufficient.
      If you run large one-offs then you'll see some real benefit from the old set, or if you do a lot of over-sized encounters (lots of enemies, lots of allies, etc.) where a couple of dozen characters can be Wild Attacking or Shaken or whatever at the same time. It won't help much for bound / distracted / vulnerable but it will be better than nothing.
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        Thanks, so to sum it up, because I am that unpracticed: if it is may sometimes be useful to have the extra set as you said - which of the two (as an extra set) would be most likely to be of benefit to me?

        1. New set of 40 + old set of 48
        2. New set of 40 + new set of 40

        Of course I can print out for emergencies, but prefer the pro made ones for normal expectations.
        Thanks yet again.


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          The Distracted and Vulnerable conditions have become standardized effects, filling in all the niches where a random penalty would have been bestowed. This means many detrimental powers impart the conditions, as do the new Test mechanics. The question comes down to whether or not the old tokens have some type of generic marker for said conditions (eg., "-2 to all actions", "-2 to Parry/attacks"), that you can substitute in a pinch.

          If you plan on upgrading most of your games to Adventure Edition, you'd probably be better off with a second new set. If you plan on running many "retro" Deluxe Edition games, even after the new edition drops, then picking up an old set may be advantageous for you.

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          Yeah, like Deskepticon said, if you're going to just run Adventure Edition then you'll get more benefit from two New Sets.
          If you're going to run a lot of Deluxe or older editions then getting an Old set would be useful.

          Assuming you plan to just run Adventure Edition, get New sets. The extra 8 tokens is less useful than having the specific tokens you're looking for.

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        Well, since I am not sure, based on these answers I played it safe and got both. The extra new set was only $5.

        Too bad won’t be getting the retro action/playing cards and tokens ahead of June - I’d use them for existing edition games. But I make do with printed versions.

        Thanks folks, just starting, so, so much to learn.