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SWADE, Area Effect, and Ignoring Armor

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  • SWADE, Area Effect, and Ignoring Armor

    I don't know if this is just something that I missed reading through the PDF or not, but there isn't any mention of Area Effect weapons bypassing non-sealed armor; is that intentional? I feel like no amount of medieval armor or kevlar is going to help much against a flamethrower (especially the latter, which only protects the torso).
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    Flamethrowers specifically state that armor protects normally, a change from previous.


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      Unless there is a reason to specifically rule AOE bypasses non-sealed armor all this rule would do is ensure everyone walks around with a dozen grenades and just skip the firearms. After all, I can still get a raise on the damage and I get to ignore (most) armor. IMO, not a good idea.
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        I feel like it's good for some AoE and not others. For grenades, I think it's okay for them to not completely ignore Armor at all times, maybe just ignoring it if the target has an unarmored location, but for a flamethrower fire kinda slips through the cracks.