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Darkness Affecting Parry

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    Originally posted by Claire Redfield View Post
    I think so. But then, dim and dark lighting rules (gosh, I hope that the new edition really reorganizes this stuff, it's very frustrating the way it is now) don't say they affect sight-based Notice rolls, either, when logically they should. That is, until powers or equipment come into play, of course.
    Sorry, I missed this post first time around.

    The general concensus is pretty much what I expected: Darkness penalties affecting Parry is really not a good rule. There are much better and easier ways to simulate such advantages and disadvantages in dim/dark conditions.

    As a sidenote, Clint's responses here and here partially clarify the official ruling on Notice rolls in such situations.

    The section on Illumination is focused on attacks, but there's no reason those rules couldn't situationally apply to other skills. The Dark condition specifically says targets aren't visable outside of 10". That certainly applies to Notice rolls as well as ranged attacks.