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  • Blinding Arrow [SPC2e]

    Hello Savages,

    Ii'm working on a Archer Archetype for my son to use with SPC2e. I see that Blind isn't in the SPC however using Illusion Power here is what I came up with.

    Blinding Arrow: Illusions (2), Obscurement (+2), Targeted (-1)*, Device (-1) [2]

    *By RAW, the Attribute Roll to avoid should be Smarts but considering Trappings though I would change it to Vigor.

    Thoughts? TIA

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    So ... the Blinding arrows have unlimited range, can be ignored by a simple act of will, and can generate any illusion (including blinding darkness) in a 4" radius.

    Illusion was the right starting point. But you'll want different modifiers; you'll also want to define the trapping that causes the blindness.
    Here's one suggestion:
    Blinding Flash Arrow: Illusion 1, Obscurement (+2), Film Quality (+1), Limitation (Obscurement only) (-2), Limitation (Projectile) (-1). 2 Points + 2 per 1" increased radius.
    The trappings would allow an Agility roll to avoid the blast (turn the head, cover the eyes, etc.).
    I'd make that a switchable effect of the base Attack, Ranged power, especially if I wanted more than one level of Illusion.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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      I like your write up though I got a question, why film quality? And some of those limitations I was just going to roll in by effects. I wasn’t sure if I could use projectile as a limitation. Thanks again!


      • ValhallaGH
        ValhallaGH commented
        Editing a comment
        I went with Film Quality because it is an actual flash of light, one that cameras would see and could blind someone watching through a screen.
        The projectile general modifier is an extra. But I was reducing a "line of sight" range down to Shooting with range brackets. That seemed the easiest way to describe the limitation.

        If a trapping has a zero sum trade off then it's just a trapping. If it is a net positive, or negative, then it needs some extra game mechanics attached. Being an arrowhead is a major drawback from the normal rules for Illusion, hence Limitation (Projectile).

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      What type of Trapping did you have in mind? And is the bow a mundane weapon or is it built using attack, ranged? Because you're better off with the latter.

      Valhalla did a good job covering the "flashbang" version, but if you want a "shadow bomb" arrow that blankets a 4" diameter area in darkness might I suggest:
      Illusion level 1 (2); Film Quality (+1); Obscurement (+4); Limitation (Obscurement only, -2); Limitation (requires bow, -1); Total: 4 PP
      For each addition 2 PP, the power adds +1" to the diameter.

      The issue here is that the blindness goes away once the target leaves the area (and comes back if they re-enter). You can always interpret it differently, but that's not how the power actually works, and you might need to finagle things a bit.

      So if you want the darkness to stay with the target until they recover, I think the way to go is to re-Trap Paralysis.
      Paralysis: instead of Incapacitation the target is blinded, see Pitch Darkness in SWD (3); [Projectile (+1)]; Total: 4 PP


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        The trapping is that the arrow sends a bright flash temporarily blinds an opponent. It doesn’t have to affect the opponent for too long. Though through this thread, it is helping me if I wanted to create a smoke bomb.


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          Originally posted by Ninja-Bear View Post
          The trapping is that the arrow sends a bright flash temporarily blinds an opponent. It doesn’t have to affect the opponent for too long.
          In that case, the Stun power might be a better fit.
          You're rational, sir. It's only us crazy people who get to swap out realities on a whim.


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            Sitting Duck I was contemplating that.


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              Yeah, just switch out the Vigor roll for an Agility roll and it ought to be fine.