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    I am currently developing a bestiary for dinosaurs for one of our games. Also, some people will have the ability to shapeshift into dinosaurs. So the dino's Size is pretty important for that.

    The question is: Is there a limit for Size? The core rulebook seems to imply that the limit is Size +10. While you can theoretically can go above, a blue whale is listed as an example for Size +9. Since the whale's mass is more than 100 metric tons, Size +10 seems to be the limit for any creature that ever lived.

    However, some books (e.g. Hellfrost and the old Pulp GM's Toolkit) list large dinosaurs (Diplodocus) at Size +14 and a mass of 50 metric tons.

    I know from other posts, that the Mass basically doubles for each +1 Size. This fits for the blue whale example above, but the Diplodocus is way out of range. So what is it exactly? Is Size +14 just an old number and it should actually be Size +8/+9?

    Edit: Essentially what I'm asking is: Is a 50t (110,000lbs) Diplodocus with a length of 30m (100 ft) Size +14 or Size +8/+9?
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    It should probably be smaller than Size +14; you're probably closer to accurate with +8 or +9. Larger sizes have not been terribly consistent in older material, particularly some of the third-party publishers I've seen.

    If you want to do a deep dive on sizes of various things and some homebrew extrapolation, DoctorBoson has a size chart of various creatures and properties that has a LOT more detail than what's in the SWD book.


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      Originally posted by Tumola View Post
      The question is: Is there a limit for Size?
      Technically? No. There is not.
      Practically? Size +8 is a soft limit on land-based creatures that have (or can) actually existed. There may be one or two things that push into +9, and a hypothetical creature that might be +10, but if a creature is larger than +8 then someone's conversion is really odd. Probably they were padding the Size to justify the Toughness they wanted.

      Size has been one of the least consistent mechanics, especially in third party material and some of the older stuff.
      (Point of interest, both Hellfrost and the old genre Toolkits were written by Wiggy. That they agree with each other is no surprise.)

      Originally posted by Tumola View Post
      Edit: Essentially what I'm asking is: Is a 50t (110,000lbs) Diplodocus with a length of 30m (100 ft) Size +14 or Size +8/+9?
      Sounds around Size +8. 100 feet long, 50-ish tons, that's definitely larger than a 3 to 6 ton orca but smaller than a 150 ton blue whale.
      Size, in the core rules, is not on a consistent scale, though the SFC is trying to shift it to a logarithmic or exponential scale; which I approve of.

      Good luck!
      I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.


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        Thanks for your answers, this is what I thought. Size +8 sounds correct. The size chart is also super helpful and actually is basically identical to mine. A Logarithmic scale definitely makes sense, although I had to massage my chart a bit so that the blue whale ends up at size +9. Anyway, thanks again!


        • DoctorBoson
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          Glad you like the chart! I was tired of trying to figure out how large certain creatures were so I just threw it together; I may try to clean it up pretty soon since so many people seem to be using it though.

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        A blue whale would more accurately be Size +11 and a diplodocus Size +9.
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