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  • 1st Edition Chase Rules

    I only recently got a hold of a copy of 1st edition Savage Worlds (I'm a collector). My first experience was running Explorer's.

    It's funny, but if you wanted a hybrid of the current Chase rules and the Explorer's Chase rules, have a look at 1st Edition!

    One of the things I don't like about the current chase rules is the piloting roll granting multiple card draws, but I do like the dynamic unpredictability of range based on the Card draw. 1st Edition seems to fix that.

    Each side gets an action card. The difference between the cards (times the Range Increment based on method of movement) determines range. So if I pull a King (13) and you pull a 5 in a car chase (range increment of 5) then we are 40 inches apart (13 - 5 = 8 x 5 = 40). A pilot can choose to try and close that range before taking actions by making a piloting roll and drawing a new card to act on that round.

    Further, everyone gets to act each round, not just who has advantage or not, although I might house rule a -2 penalty for the crew with a lower card.

    I haven't actually used them in game yet, but I'm wondering if any veterans here has used them and what problems they ran across.

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    The math of range could be broken down easier into abstract ranges instead of numeric.