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Buccaneer: Hell or High Water Questions

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  • Buccaneer: Hell or High Water Questions

    A few questions:

    There are new blasphemy, soul entrapment, soul transfer and voodoo possession powers but neither Arcane Background lists them as available powers.

    A number of edges and hindrances are marked with an asterisk but I don’t see an explanation of why.

    When talking about bar or chain shot, an above decks damage table is mentioned but isn’t in the book. There are 2 standard damage tables, though.

    Ships Orders
    Am I right in thinking that there is little need for most characters to take the Boating skill as it will generally be replaced by the Ships Order skill? (Exception for the Captain as he needs Boating to Pursue another ship)

    In combat the number of guns that can be fired is limited by the number of PCs. NPCs can’t be ordered to fire?