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Where is Buccaneer: Through Hell & High Water?

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  • Where is Buccaneer: Through Hell & High Water?

    The Kickstarter and the homepages of the companies said that it would be out by March 2018. March is gone.

    I am wondering if some of these kickstarters are just giving stuff to the patrons and not bothering to set anything up for sale? I hope I am wrong.

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    I think I can count the number of Kickstarter projects I supported that met their stated release date on the fingers of one hand. And I've pledged for quite a few Kickstarters. Delays happen, and any non-deluded Kickstarter project will acknowledge that in the Risks and Challenges. Now if the company is being uncommunicative, that is a cause for concern.
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        So basically, they are running on gamer standard time. Sigh. Ok. I can wait,


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          Most backers are already getting their physical copies and they said on Facebook that their plan is to liberate the PDF and print options for non-backer purchase on DriveThruRPG possibly this next Tuesday. So just a few more days until it's officially released and available for purchase.
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            Any reviews out yet?


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              If it comes out by June, then I can use it. I am gearing up for yet another Pirate game.


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                It's up on DriveThru in both print and pdf. I asked in the comments what makes it different from Pirates of the Spanish Main and the developer replied "There are new mechanics for ships and ship combat. There are nearly 2 dozen new edges and hindrances. There are some cool rules around losing a limb vs death and the dynamics of the world are really cool. The setting has different arcane backgrounds and really cool monsters. This all adds up to a setting vastly different than POTSM."

                As all Savage Worlds settings introduce new rules, edges, and hindrances, and monsters/npcs, that answer doesn't give me enough info to be willing to drop $20 for the pdf, I'll wait to see reviews from others before pulling the trigger.


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                  The core rules have some "cool rules" about losing limbs vs death (Gritty Damage + Heroes Never Die).
                  So, new Arcane Backgrounds, new ship and ship combat mechanics, and setting info. Not enough for me either.
                  Especially given that new AB are rarely well designed or balanced, I've already got three or four sailing ship building systems and ship combat mechanics, and historical fiction settings usually just anger my inner historian.

                  Still, a well written review, or a sale, could get me on board.