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Mega bundle mega sale. 90% off Interface Zero

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    interface Zero A Night On The Town

    This is a short story video with new art, etc. that was done for the Kickstarter. Watch in full screen and pause to read the pop ups in one of the pictures near the end.


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      found out some more stuff got left out of the bundle.

      Both were free products for the 1st edition of Interface Zero.

      One was a 67 page Beta Savage Worlds PDF.

      I found it mention on an rpgnet forum and also on I also was able to find the review page for it from DtRPGs Geramn version which had the DtRPg reviews of it. It looks like it came out in 2010. Tenkar's Tavern also mention it and had a link to the product page for it which dosn't work

      The other product was an editable 1st edition character sheet for the Savage Worlds version.


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        I'm trying to track these down.


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          Thanks David,

          I got the old RPG Objects page for the Beta if that helps.

          The 1st ed charater sheet RPG Objects page was a link in my previous post. I put it in accidentally with the other Beta links. Tried to very quickly type that up all the previous post stuff before leaving the place I was using WiFi at and forgot to give the link.