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    Hey everyone! I became a licensee in February 2017 but didn't make a formal announcement here on the forums before they went down for maintenance. Nice to finally meet everyone!
    Mythic Gazetteer logo (click to head to our website!)

    My company, The Mythic Gazetteer, is focused on creating original setting material for Savage Worlds. We produce independent games too, but I love Savage Worlds and I'm thrilled to be able to design in the system. We successfully Kickstarted our first setting, The Blackwood, in May 2017, and are on-track to publish the full book in November 2017. We also do custom cartography commissions. You can check out my cartography portfolio on my website.
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    The Blackwood is a fantasy setting inspired by folklore and high-flying martial arts action. It's Grimm's Tales meets Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. It's The Witcher series meets Kung Fu Hustle. It's Iron Monkey meets Brotherhood of the Wolf. You are errants, a class of wandering adventurers, who search a landscape of deadly beauty for a way to save the settled folk of the Elder Kingdom from ruin.

    The Blackwood Errantry Codex is an officially-licensed campaign setting for the award-winning Savage Worlds RPG from Pinnacle Entertainment Group. We're producing a complete guide to gameplay in the Blackwood, including a full-length Plot Point Campaign, The Way of the Elder King.

    The finished book will include:
    • 18 new Edges and 9 new Hindrances
    • 5 new Races and 5 new Arcane Backgrounds
    • 4 new Setting Rules full of folkloric whimsy and wuxia action
    • 40+ new creatures and foes
    • A Plot Point Campaign, The Way of the Elder King, complete with Savage Tales
    Want to learn more? Check out our FREE Quick Start Bundle for The Blackwood on DriveThruRPG:

    A Year in the Blackwood | Quick Start Guide

    This bundle comes with everything you need to start playing in The Blackwood:
    • 10-page Setting Primer with a brief history and a preview of character options and gear.
    • 6 pregenerated character archetypes
    • 4 one-shot adventures comprising a year in the Blackwood.
    Eli Kurtz
    Theoretical Cartography, Applied Metaphysics
    The Mythic Gazetteer
    An Official Savage Worlds Licensee
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