With the Super powers book coming out soon I thought I should post a quick update

A few things, of a personal nature. About a year and a half ago I separated from my wife (22 year relationship). It's complicated but boils down to I could not be in a relationship with a person who was refusing to take care of mental and physical health issues while insisting she needed to be taken care of (It's complicated, but boils down to wanting others to do for her what she needed to do for herself). Two weeks ago, she passed into her eternal reward.
I have also recently stated a new day job that is taking a lot of my emotional energy and has a much longer commute (1 hour each way instead of 10 min)

I will be doing an update to my STARS & STRIPES, free of charge. The character sheets will be added as an index, after I get a good look at the new book

I still plan on releasing a second issue on the Star Knights (another organization book about a group of high tech alien knights who defend the galaxy)

Finally I have a whole bunch of street level stuff I want to get to