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  • Rope and Chain

    We at Sneak Attack Press are excited to announce the release of our newest book: Rope and Chain.

    Rope may be the most important invention of all time. It is strong, yet flexible. It built ancient monuments and powered the sailing ships that began global commerce. Rope is also a staple of fantasy role playing games, whether climbing ice cliffs, tying up prisoners, or keeping the party from getting separated in a blizzard.

    In Rope and Chain you'll find:
    • A real-world history
    • Variant ropes and chains made from fantasy materials
    • New weapons like the lasso, rope dart, and harpoon
    • Optional rules
    • A random rope generator
    • A new power: animate rope
    • 4 new magic items: ghost chain, lasso of honest, living rope, and Surtr's meteor hammer
    • 3 new monsters: chain golem, rope golem, and smimic (half-snake/half-mimic)
    You can also get Rope and Chain with Lock and Key as part of the This and That bundle.

    If you want to see more books like Rope and Chain in the future, please support the This and That Patreon.