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  • Random Backgrounds for Hellfrost

    Greetings Hellfrost Brothers,

    Submitted for your feedback is a draft file I put together today. I love creating characters. What makes the process even more fun for me is when there is a mechanic that adds a random element or a bit of depth to a character concept. In some cases, this piece can really give a character a spark of life or inspiration.

    I based Hellfrost Backgrounds on 5e D&D Backgrounds and the Heroic Journey tables from Savage Rifts. I intend to use these tables in addition to the Fate mechanic from Triple Ace games. I realize that this may make characters too powerful for some games, but not mine.

    I want table results that can be broadly applied but each flavorful in what they add. I also want each result to be desirable for different types of character concepts, and also tie the characters deeper into the wonderful world of Rassilon. It is with these ideas in mind that I penned and compiled the different background results. To those ends, I welcome your comments and critiques!

    EDIT: You roll a d20 for the table.
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    Quite a nice job. Have fun, it's your game after all.

    High-rank edges and powers should be achieved through playing IMHO. Same with Glory. Most of these should be part of the normal character generation anyway. Don't give them freely away, because some edges must be hard to get at the beginning.
    Heroes in Hellfrost are already very competent at the beginning and you don't have to add free level-ups.

    The character creation in Savage Worlds is quite simple and you should always think about why the desired hero chose this skill, edge, hindrance, or power. Typical archetypes can be found in both setting books just before character creation. Which temple does she belong to? Any organization, powerful house, or clan? Did he go to an university? Which realm or city does she come from? Why did he leave home? Tables like yours grasp only a small part, and don't supplant reading the different books. Especially the Atlas and the expansion for mages and priests are must to study.
    For all those who are still overwhelmed, TAG published the Heroes & Villains Compendium with over 50 pre-generated characters.

    Note: Elan is not allowed in Hellfrost. There is already a similar power by the Norns.
    Look into the Download area for the errata and SW Deluxe conversion document.
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      You're a busy man, Enno. I recently joined the TAG forums and am impressed with the volume and quality of responses you have there to questions. You've given me food for thought indeed! As I said, I enjoy adding a random element to character creation for extra inspiration and direction - but I need to balance this bit with the fact that the world of Hellfrost is a gritty place and as you said, I don't allow players to skimp on immersion into the setting.

      I may alter the table to in essence, allow a free d6 in a randomly rolled skill - and have the player work that into their background. Give the character a little extra oomph and story nugget, without being Rassilon-shaking munchkin from the start.

      I really appreciate your feedback.

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      You're welcome.