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  • Help with paper figures

    Does anyone have the dimensions of character flats, looking for the size of the boxes...Figure 1" high, but what about the width (I know the pics will be about 2/3" but not sure about white space). also "pogs" would be 1" Diameter?

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    Are you talking about 'stand-up' figure flats? The kind you can stick into a little plastic base (or maybe even tri-fold character markers)? If so, then 1" high sounds too short. The width should probably be between 3/4 to an inch, so height is often around 2.5 to 3 times the width. If you purchased or downloaded a file of figure flats, I think all you need to do is print at actual size and you're set.

    1" diameter pogs sounds right.


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      If you're using the bases with a slot in them (like Paizo's pawn bases, or Steve Jackson Games Cardboard Heroes hex bases), note that printing the characters on regular paper means they'll likely be loose. Couple recommendations:
      • Cover the figures in Scotch tape (trimming the edges). This increases the thickness of the figure and also laminates it so it's longer lasting.
      • Tape/glue a penny inside the figure when you fold it over. Also increases thickness and weight of the figure. (This can also be used for figures that just use their own paper base, and keeps them from tipping over.)
      EDIT: just realized you're probably just planning your own set of figure flats. Sorry for going off topic. But hopefully the tips will be useful for other gamers.
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        Yah, trying to put out a few SWAG products, decided to add Paper figures to each one...


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          Originally posted by JmOz01 View Post
          Yah, trying to put out a few SWAG products, decided to add Paper figures to each one...
          If you're looking for sample sizes, I often use El Cheapo Minis, specifically the ones produced at "Heroic Scale". For example: El Cheapo Minis Vol. 3 Future Folk


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            The trifolds from the German kickstarter have a base of 1 inch. Obviously three times plus a short strip for glueing. The picture (size 0 / human) is about 1 inch, so with the borders the heigth is 1.25 inch.


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              Thanks for the info, this is what I finally made with it...It was an add on to my STARS & STRIPES SWAG product
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