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(Accursed) Looking for The Headless WItchbreed

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  • (Accursed) Looking for The Headless WItchbreed

    There was a person on the Forums, Sonofthunder who posted Headless Witchbreed for Accursed. Does anyone know if they are still on or if anyone has a copy of it?
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    Sonofthunder has only made one post, ever, on these forums, and it can be found here.

    If the post you're looking for was on the old forums, sadly I fear it may be gone for good.


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      Have you looked through the old board?

      I find hI m pretty easily. With your information.


      • ValhallaGH
        ValhallaGH commented
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        You found the archives! Thank you!

      • Ndreare
        Ndreare commented
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        Of course. As many times as I have been helped here. It nice to help others.

      • Dolomite23
        Dolomite23 commented
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        Thanks, I've trying to find other Wtichbreeds so I can make one of my own.

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      You're supposed to say my name three times while looking in the mirror to make me appear!

      I am still around! I've just downgraded to full-time lurker since they switched to new forums some time ago. I am active on the Official Savage Worlds Facebook page.

      I can't believe that someone, after all these years, even remembers the Headless. I am honored that you would like a copy of it. I am attaching the newest draft with typos fixed and grammar corrected. I also updated it to SWADE. However, if anyone sees anything that needs fixing, please let me know!

      If the Headless appear in your campaign, I would be thrilled to hear about it!
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