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Fabled Environments Update (Long)

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  • Fabled Environments Update (Long)

    Hi All,

    Just wanted to offer an update about what is going on at Fabled Environments.

    Olympus Inc-We are slowly working on the new book. This book will update and clean up the first book. It will also include everything from the first and second books plus complete the Olympian gods and include additional material such as new bloodlines, minor gods (powers only accessable by Proteans), adventures, plot point campaign and so much more. Once all of the writing is complete, then we will talk Kickstarter to fund the art and layout.

    Monster Hunters Club-The .PDF is complete along with the character sheet and GM screen inserts. They look gorgeous. Big thanks to Darren Miller, Keith Garrett and Karl Keesler for all their hard work on this one!

    Be on the lookout for a survey to ensure that we have the latest and greatest on email addresses, names for the book and physical addresses for those getting print copies. Once we get surveys back, we’ll start getting those .PDFs out. There are two other projects for this line in the works!

    Buccaneer- Some work is ongoing on a gazetteer that will flesh out even more areas and offer adventure ideas.

    Fabled Environments-We just released a new warehouse floorplan on DrivethruRPG. This is a single story warehouse that is fashioned after the old brick warehouses. We will also release a parking garage soon as well! We hope this is the start of a more frequent release of floorplans!

    Thanks to everyone for your support!

    Charles White-Fabled Environments
    Charles White
    Co-Founders/Director of Marketing
    Fabled Environments
    "We Put You On The Map!"