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  • Wild Card Creator by Journeyman Games

    Hey Savages,

    The Wild Card Creator was pimped in the Pinnacle Newsletter email not too long ago, complete with coupon code.

    I wandered over to its website, tried the demo, and for the most part like what I've seen. But I really want it on mobile device/tablet... which is mentioned on the website.

    But there's no activity on the website that I could find from this year!

    I used the "Contact" feature on their website to ask about Android/iOS support, and have gotten no response.

    Anyone here using this software? Hear from the creator about continued support?


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    I use it quite often, and backed it in beta, but they don’t seem to have added new material in a while.


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      I use it to create new characters. It is quite good for the basic stuff. I have found for the superheros it does not quite work for everything.
      It's not so good at handling stuff like the GM giving you weird one advances or magic items etc.


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        I use it a lot in addition to Hero Labs...

        what i like about it is it is clean interface and it allows the import of settings and allows for customization. I use the Skill Specialization option and give my players an extra 5 skill points at character creation. I can simulate that very easily with WCC. I can also create the new skills (like Shoot-Pistol, Shoot-Rifle, etc) that are needed.

        It has some limitations, like if you select a homebrewed setting, you can't also select a companion book..which is a pain i admit as i had to create in my homebrew setting the various Sci-Fi races, but you can do that so again it is powerful.....Also allows you to create custom gear....

        I have reached out to Will Herrmann (actually have an issue in with him now) and he has always responded within a few days/week....i have not heard back from him recently so i hope everything is Ok with him...

        For the price i find it a very valuable tool, and i only scratched the surface with it.......I have not used it to create Super WC's, so have no experience with that...but for Fantasy and Sci-Fi i find it very useful...

        I do agree it would be nice if it was ported over to tablet use....

        Mark G
        Haddon Township NJ