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  • Just Insert Imagination - New setting feedback

    Hey everyone!
    We are chatting to Charlie Human, the author of an amazing set of books. We feel it would make an awesome Savage setting and we would love to hear what you think. We want to share community comments with Charlie as part of our pitch.

    The book is called "Apocalypse Now Now". It is an urban fantasy story based in Cape Town, South Africa. It's been called "Neil Gaiman meets Quentin Tarantino" and is pretty bad-***. It turns the standard urban fantasy setting idea on its head. It features monsters from local myths and stories like the tokoloshe, a gremlin type monster I grew up hearing about. Charlie has some great ideas for races and classes for the book as well. You could play an Afrikaans (and talk like Wikus from District 9) or Zulu supernatural bounty hunter. Witch-doctors and sangomas are a part of the African culture and there a lot more, trust me.

    We feel this will be something different that most gamers have not experienced before, a step away from the standard western urban fantasy settings with monsters, enemies and stories every one knows. Cape Town alone offers so many different scary monsters and ghosts, now combine it with Charlie Human's amazing ideas from his books and we are sure this could be a winner.

    To give a feel for the setting, here is a link to a short film. It is a proof of concept short, with the hope of getting funding to make a full length movie. Check it out, it is pretty awesome! (Be warned, the movie does contain swearing if you are watching at work or near kids)

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    I have always like reading urban fantasy. I have only played two sessions in that genre (group fell apart) but would definitely be interested in learning more about this setting. It would be different enough that players would not automatically know how to deal with any given critter, but familiar enough to be enticing.

    Two questions though: 1) Most urban fantasy has the "normal" population unaware of the stranger elements in their city. It looked like the opening of that film has a giant praying mantis in the city but the kid does not even react. How hidden is this world of weirdness? 2) Some settings have playable "monster" races. Will this one be that way or are all players human?
    I have way too much time but do not always edit myself properly. Please do not take offense.


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      Now that I've read both books and am busy with a demo document I can answer a bit more. The world is hidden. The mantis you see is from the book, something about a mantis god from the Khoi-san and is linked to the main character.

      There are lots of races in the books and some would make cool races to play. Most will have to hide using glamour though, so the "normal" people don't see them. Races like dwarves, a cat race, the flock (a kind of African valkyrie) and a few more would work great.

      Looking at some of the creatures and monsters I love the different types of stuff and it will be things that players have not seen in many urban fantasy settings.

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    1. The supernatural is definitely hidden and part if a secret "underbelly" of Cape Town. I just started reading the book and not sure yet, but I saw reviewers talking about a mantis god or something. I think the short is hinting at more, but it is not something everyone else can see.

    2. We havent started chatting about details yet. I know Charlie has so much more of the world figured out. He did mention that he has some cool ideas for races and classes. I have some class/job ideas myself, so I hope we will have lots of races and different classes to play. I will definitely post when I know more.


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      This is incredible!!! I'm all in!!!