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Secrets of Tyland, campaign for Tyrnador: Fate of Ventar!

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  • Secrets of Tyland, campaign for Tyrnador: Fate of Ventar!

    Welcome to Secrets of Tyland, the first campaign for Tyrnador: Fate of Ventar, a Savage Worlds high fantasy setting!

    Stranded in the heart of the Tyland Forest, a desolate area in the south of Ventar, the heroes are involved in a complex plot involving a mysterious series of murders happening in the area.

    They must find the origin and motivations of the Cult of the Crawler before it is too late.

    Secrets of Tyland is a hex-crawl campaign: the players will have almost total freedom in exploring the forest, visiting and discovering locations, and interacting with dozens of NPCs.

    In this book, you’ll find:

    · A whole region to explore in the traditional hex-crawl way

    · Ten dungeons and countless locations to explore

    · Ten Faction Quests

    · Fourteen Savage Tales

    · Rumors and Random Events

    · Dozens of new creatures and enemies!

    · The chance to build your own Stronghold!

    · Treasures of Tyland: a chapter detailing exclusive magical (and non-magical) rewards

    Are you ready to unravel the Secrets of Tyland? If yes, check your backpack and venture under the dark leaves of the forest!

    There are two files - one with full campaing and the second is map pack.
    Click image for larger version

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    Really excited about what you have done with this setting and how this campaign is laid out!

    I do, however, have a few questions =)

    Where exactly (on the map on p6 of the Game Masters Guide) *is* the Tyland Forest? (oops, the "Western part of the Watchman Woods" p15)

    How many miles per hex are the maps on p12 & 13? About 4?

    And is there a key for the pogs file? Some of them are obvious, some look like they are specific characters.