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Warning Label and Cast of Cards

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  • Warning Label and Cast of Cards

    I have a huge collection of Cast of Cards from these things are awesome, but they are also all made for SWD.

    Does anyone know if they have plans to update to SWADE or run a SWADE line so they can be reordered?

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    Don't know if they are being redone, but except for a few cases they should still be usable as written.

    Ignore Charisma.
    Any skill that was folded into something count it as the new SWADE skill. Example Climbing, just use it as their Athletics skill.
    As for Edges and Hindrances use the New SWADE version ignore or make up anything else.
    Same as above for Powers


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      They are still usable, and I have used them. But there is also room for improvement and a SWADE update would be really appreciated. Especially if a set included Attendant, Bodyguard and Sentinel.


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        The only drawback would be ordering new prints. I think I'd just print my own and laminate them.
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