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  • Tyrnador questions

    Hi, I'm GM'ing Tyrnador, Fate of Ventar, with my regular gaming group, and we have a few questions that have come up while reading/re-reading the players guide. Hope this is a good place to ask; I haven't found other forums discussing Tyrnador in detail as of yet.

    1) The character creation chapters contain some references like "The character gains the wild die in this trait, or if they already have it, it is increased one die type." - I'm not familiar with any cases in core SWADE where a PC wildcard would not have the wild-die, so, what cases or circumstances are these statements referring to? i.e. under what circumstances would a pc not have the wild-die (and in all traits, generally?)

    2) In the Tyrnador players guide, under modified edges, it's noted that the "new powers" edge only provides one new power in the setting. Then in the powers chapter, AB:magic describes downtime activities that a mage can take to gain a new power without spending an advance. However, AB:Miracles does not seem to include any comparable downtime options for cleric/priest characters.

    Is it intended that Clerics can only gain new powers by taking the modified new power edge with an advance? Or should clerics also be able to research/pray for new spells during their downtime phase, as mages can?

    We may have a few additional questions, but I wanted to get these out now and hopefully someone can help or steer me to a forum where Tyrnador is being discussed more regularly otherwise.


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    1) For NPC Extras, including allied Extras. Having a d6 Wild Die for a single trait makes them extremely reliable under normal circumstances.
    It's not a standard racial ability, and increasing the player character's wild die to d8 may be too powerful. I'm not a fan of that design mechanic.

    2) Seems to be intended. Probably trying to make magic users feel more scholarly.
    Personally, I'd change the restriction. Only Magic gets one power from the New Powers Edge, but they can learn new powers without spending an advance. Miracles gets two powers per Edge but can't gain new powers from research.
    I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.