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Clock and dagger! New SW setting from GRAmel Books.

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  • Clock and dagger! New SW setting from GRAmel Books.

    Once, the world was ruled by Immortals – godlike figures wielding immeasurable sorcery, building towers hundreds of miles tall, erecting strange monuments, and crafting wonderful devices.

    They have created the humans and tamed the wild cat-people named shelicans to serve them. But the half-human offspring of Immortals rebelled. They defeated their Immortal ancestors – except one, and took over their cities, where their descendants rule now as the aristocracy.

    But while the nobles lord over vast domains, the poor get poorer. And sometimes they strike back, seizing gold, relics and magical secrets of the First Ones. This is not the time for heroes - it's time for Professionals, thieves, con artists and ruin explorers.

    Clock and Dagger is a Savage Worlds setting set in the mysterious world of humans and shelicans plundering the ruins of the Immortals, wielding clockpunk gadgets, avoiding the fanatical Paladins.

    The setting contains a whole lot of ideas to inspire you to run a heist-based campaign, explore the mysterious world, and develop your own Guild using the Achievement system. In the book you'll find new Edges and Hindrances, three Arcane Backgrounds, a description of Urx, the city of thieves, and a short outline of campaign.

    This is an almost 100-page long Savage Worlds edition of a mini-setting previously released on 8 pages for the Adventurers! mini-RPG.

    You can check the prieview here -

    Setting is here -