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Ultima Forsan updated character sheet!

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  • Ultima Forsan updated character sheet!

    The awesome Ultima Forsan character sheet has been updated to SWADE!

    Along with the conversion document already available on drivethrurpg, it's all you need to play the Macabre Renaissance of a rich, colorful, deep, and fully described historical setting that pits the very spirit of Renaissance (that's trusting Humanity to shape their destiny) in the face of the two-century long Plague of the Living Dead!

    Character sheet:

    SWADE update document:
    You happen to have a blog, channel, stream, podcast, or similar, and think you might be interested in playing, streaming, reviewing any of my gaming stuff? Gold & Glory, Aces High, Guardians of Sol-Tau, Tropicana, Ultima Forsan? Awesome! Message me for a complimentary copy!