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Gold & Glory - Solo, GMLESS and One-on-One Adventures released!

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  • Gold & Glory - Solo, GMLESS and One-on-One Adventures released!

    Gold & Glory was thought, designed and developed with the idea of a “regular” gaming group: a bunch of players and a Game Master running the game.
    The random dungeon generation system, however, lends itself to other, different approaches:
    • Solo Adventures: One player (YOU!) against a dungeon of your choice!
    • GMless Games: Any number of players, but no one is the GM!
    • One on One Games: One plays a character, the other is the GM.

    Gold & Glory - Solo, GMless and One-on-One Adventures is a guide with all the necessary adjustments to enjoy such variant games while keeping the game Fast, Furious and Fun with the Savage Worlds Adventure Edition rules!

    This guide also features an Abstract Clues system and options for hired Allies, which can be used in any type of Gold & Glory games!

    The file also includes a printer friendly version as well as a printable cheatsheet and Ally sheet!

    This guide requires the Gold & Glory - Seven Deadly Dungeons book
    You happen to have a blog, channel, stream, podcast, or similar, and think you might be interested in playing, streaming, reviewing any of my gaming stuff? Gold & Glory, Aces High, Guardians of Sol-Tau, Tropicana, Ultima Forsan? Awesome! Message me for a complimentary copy!