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[Fainting Goat Games] Because Every Game Needs a Werewolf at Some Point...

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  • [Fainting Goat Games] Because Every Game Needs a Werewolf at Some Point...

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Name:	Universal_Monsters_Coverthumb4_SW.jpg
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    Now on DTRPG for just 99 cents!

    From Jacob Blackmon, comes a new creepy foe ready to menance your SWADE game!

    A full moon rises high over the mist-filled moors. The sounds of glass shattering is heard, followed by a quickly-stifled scream. When others come to investigate, they discover they are too late. Blood and gore are everywhere. And in the distance a fearsome wolf's howl is heard. The werewolf is a monster that embodies the savage within all of humanity. An urge to break out from our facade of civilization, tear our clothes away, and live only for the hunt and the kill. These monsters care nothing for the lives of others, as humans are seen as simple prey to be consumed.

    The monsters to be found in these "YOUniversal Monster" products are new builds, credible threats in their own right. They have a variety of powers and abilities, ambitions, goals, and three different adventure ideas.

    This book requires Savage Worlds Adventure Edition for use.
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