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[ACE] Suzerain, Untamed Empires JumpStart

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  • [ACE] Suzerain, Untamed Empires JumpStart

    Hi everyone! I'm Lucas at Savage Mojo. Lately we've been talking about our Suzerain setting by showcasing how easy it is to get started in it. To this end we've been releasing spotlight articles on each of the JumpStarts we have available in our various realms. Each JumpStart contains plenty of info for running one game session's worth of content, including setting info, a starting adventure, character options, and even some pre-gen characters.

    Our most recent spotlight is on the Untamed Empires high seas, swashbuckling, exploration setting. You can read all about it here! If you want to check out our previous spotlights, here are the links to the Shaintar, Austeria, Wilderlands, Dungeonlands, and Fae Land spotlights.

    -Lucas, Suzerain Infomancer

    Please ask us questions and leave us comments on our Facebook, or join our Discord! We love to hear about your experiences with Suzerain. Drop by our Patreon to learn all about the cool benefits you can earn!