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[Sundered Skies] Advice on running the plot campaign? [spoilers]

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  • [Sundered Skies] Advice on running the plot campaign? [spoilers]

    I am about to start running a campaign in the Sundered Skies setting. Considering Sundered Skies is such an old setting there really isn't that much info and advice to find online. So if any of you have played thru the plot campaign have any other advice feel free to share!

    Specifically I think the first tale gives information about a person and the players are told to go to him, that seems a little too on the nose to me, I would rather keep it more vague and let the players take the time to figure out what it all means, do anyone have any advice on how to handle this?

    Also what it up with the bounties, they are super low. It cost 200 cogs to become a bounty hunter and a live pirate have a reward of 1 cog!

    Have anyone expanded a little on the trading system?

    The ships are quite small, have anyone tried using realistic sailing ships instead, maybe inspired be Pirates of the Spanish Main?

    The plot campaign seems to suggest the PCs spend a little time scavenging in the Shattered City, did your players do that and if they did, do you have some advice on how to handle this?

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    I've not run Sundered Sky, or even looked at the book in a long time (that smudgy font, urghk), but I will suggest that at the beginning of a plot point campaign, your players need some direction and a clear goal, re: rescue the dude. Huge, sandbox worlds like the one in Sundered Skies (or 50 Fathoms, which I have run) can be overwhelming if you just chuck your players in at the deep end and expect them to find their own adventure. I'd recommend that you run the first plot point as written, then let the players decide what they want to do from then on. Maybe they want to move straight onto the next plot point, or maybe they latch onto some aspect of the game world and your campaign veers off in that direction for a while.

    Regarding bounties, if they seem low to you, or you want to motivate your players to pursue that angle, just bump them up.

    You could look to the trading system in 50F for ideas?

    If you want bigger ships, add bigger ships. You're the GM, you can do what you want.

    Nothing to contribute toward final question, re: scavenging.


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      The big difference between 50F and Sundered Skies is that the clue you get are quite different. In 50F you get a clue in Sundered Skies you take that clue and make it a hammer and bash em on the head with it.

      Some parts of the 50F trading system would work fine in SS, but I admit to some laziness and didn't want to bother making some huge trading system if my players don't end up using, but if someone already had a system in place I would love to read it and have it ready.

      About general GM advice, I am aware I can do what every I want, I wanted to hear what others had done since that could inform me if this would be a good idea or not.


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        I have a run 4 campaigns in Sundered Skies and am also currently working on a Savage Worlds Adventure Edition conversion for it. I'm at work right now, but I will make up a google drive and share some of my GM materials with you. I will also answer the particular questions you posted. The one I can answer is that the time needed to craft realistic ships is not a rewarding homebrew for either side of the GM screen. Larger scale combat can be met with few rounds of the Mass Battle, followed by the surviving flagship duking it out. Because there are only a handful of ships, their relative sizes can be matched to the standard Sundered Skies Ship Templates.


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          You have run 4 campaigns of SS! I'm looking forward to your share with glee!