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Coming Soon From Plain Brown Wrapper Games: The Fall of Captain Infinite!

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  • Coming Soon From Plain Brown Wrapper Games: The Fall of Captain Infinite!

    Plain Brown Wrapper Games is about to release its latest Savage Worlds superhero adventure: The Fall of Captain Infinite

    This one isn't a giant monster of a book like our last release. And it isn't tied to any particular city or comic book universe. It's about seventy pages long, and could fit into just about any superhero campaign.

    The book is completely paid for, completely written, the art is all done. We're just waiting for the right weekend to release it.

    Here's the teaser; Captain Infinite and his Infinity Men vanished with no warning or fanfare in the summer of 1964. Their comic book reached no grand finale, it just stopped coming, with its amputated plot arcs dangling limp. Their fan club ceased printing newsletters. The secret decoder ring never arrived. For the past fifty years no one has known how or why. Until tonight.

    Here's the front cover.​​​​​​​

    Click image for larger version

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    Is it really gonna cost $4.95?
    And will I ever get my decoder ring?


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      It will indeed be $4.95 (Cheap!)

      As regards the secret decoder ring, things remain less clear. You will get a sheet of platypus fun facts, that much I can say for certain.


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        While we're on this topic, what exactly does the book contain?

        For your $4.95 you will get: Eleven supervillains, with widely different personalities and motivations, ranging from the ridiculous Kumquat Man to the terrifying Mister Void! Four colossal superbattles. Three full-color battle maps. A brief write-up of a secret organization and stats for its minions. A fully-stated secret base that the PCS might just claim for their own. A chapter on the secret history of the Infinity Men. An appendix that lists all their greatest foes from the early sixties. A page of platypus fun-facts (no, really!) And all the punching you could possibly want!

        Here's another sample from the book. Meet the supervillsin known as Gratuitous Violet!

        Click image for larger version

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        Wild Card
        Real Name: Violet Stumph
        Attributes: Agility d8, Smarts d4, Spirit d6, Strength d10, Vigor d10
        Skills: Athletics d8, Common Knowledge d4, Driving d6, Fighting d10, Intimidation d8, Notice d6, Stealth d6

        Pace: 6; Parry: 9; Toughness: 12 (4)
        Gear: Neurodisrupter club, body armor.
        Hindrances: Mean, Stubborn, Vengeful (Minor)
        Edges: Arcane Background (Super Powers), Attractive, Improved Block, Brawny, Improved Counterattack, Frenzy, Trademark Weapon (club), Quick-Draw
        Super Powers
        Armor +4 (1): Device (Suit).
        Attack, Melee (5): Damage Str+3d6, Reach 1. Device (Club).
        Paralysis (2): Strong. Device (Neural disruptor in club).
        Background: Violet has always loved hitting things. And people. It got her kicked out of kindergarten, it got her sent to special schools and banned from family reunions. If someone had thought to redirect the violent little mite toward boxing it might have done her a world of good. But they did not, and instead she spent her childhood and adolescence in increasingly restrictive institutional settings. This was the opposite of helpful and by the time she aged out of the social services system at 18, she was a smiling, cheerful, hair-trigger ball of rage. She still is. They call her "Gratuitous Violet" because she can always be counted on to do more damage than the situation calls for.

        At eighteen she had nowhere to go. Her family didn't want her back, no one would hire a kid with her criminal record and she would never have been able to handle a job, anyway. Fortunately her boyfriend knew some drug dealers and they decided they could use a supervillain to intimidate delinquent accounts. She got mad and beat her boyfriend into a coma a few months later, but her career was already off and running.

        Her drug-dealing associates got her an experimental weapon that a superhero had dropped and she spent two years trying to clear the debt she owed them for it. Then she hit on the simple expedient of killing them instead of paying them.

        Free of her debts, she is now a supervillain for hire. She is quite popular among employers who can't afford better, or who aren't aware of her awful reputation.


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          Neat! But Quick Draw is no longer an Edge in Adventure Edition.

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        Good Grief! That's right.

        Thank you very much indeed. Let's proof the manuscript once again...


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          Now that we've got that fixed, here's another preview!

          Oh, wait, this one's just an ad...

          Click image for larger version

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          • Sitting Duck
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            Will there be any similarly themed ads involving snack cakes?

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          Heavens, no! Fainting Goat Games has the snack-cake market all locked down tight. We'd be fools to try to compete.

          Or to be almost serious for a moment, I don't want to horn in on their particular thing. They're good guys, they do good work (I recommend all their superhero adventures highly) they did the snack-cake thing first and i don't want to steal their gag. So, you can expect to see comic book style ads from time to time in our products (Bad Day in Bedlam had a couple) but none with snack cakes in them.


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            We launch this afternoon.

            Some time around four or five this afternoon (October 11) The Fall of Captain Infinite will go live on DrivethruRPG

            Print edition to follow!

            But in the meantime, here is another preview from the book. Meet the Black Platypus!

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Black Platypus Sample.jpg Views:	0 Size:	110.7 KB ID:	31397
            A bank robber and jewel thief who for some unknown reason wore a platypus costume. He had the distinction of being the only African-American supervillain the Infinity Men ever fought. His henchmen dressed up like marsupials and he affected a not-entirely convincing Australian accent.

            In 1963 the Infinity Men locked him up for the last time and he is currently serving a 110 year sentence in the Federal Penitentiary at Bald Knob. In 1982 there was a brief and embarrassing attempt to extradite him to Australia, which ended when it was discovered that he had never, even briefly, lived there.

            But who is this masked monotreme of crime? What drives a man to turn Platypus? Listen closely to his tale, and be warned.

            Ornie Anitenus was a ghetto kid with more problems than most. He had been born with webbed hands and feet. The other kids made his life hell for it. The only place he felt at home was the public library. And there he learned of the platypus. The ultimate survivor, it should have gone extinct sixty million years ago, but it would not die. And it didn’t stay alive by being the biggest and the fiercest, either. In fact it was little and soft and weak, just like Ornie. You could tell at a glance that this ridiculous, malformed creature was destined for the evolutionary scrapheap with all the other failures and misfits. But it had refused to submit to its fate. Ornie looked at his webbed hand and he knew what he would have to become. He went home and started making a beak out of paper mache’.

            Of course he turned to a life of crime. There were barely any jobs in the neighborhood and nobody was going to give one of them to a deformed guy.
            While he was chubby and slow and maladroit, Ornie had a talent for organization, for planning crimes. And the fact that he wore a mask and costume made people think he might be some kind of master criminal. By 1955, he was.

            He fought superheroes on a regular basis, starting around 1960. He always lost, but it was the most fun he’d ever had, and it got his name in the newspapers like never before. In 1963 the Infinity Men locked him up for good.

            Not quite for good, actually. He should have gotten old and died in prison, but like his namesake he refused to become extinct. Whether this is a mutant power or the result of his iron will or whether he has actually gained some mystical totemic connection with the platypus, no one knows. But at 87 years of age he could be mistaken for fifty. And after fifty-five years in prison, he's finally up for parole.


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              We're Live!

              Fall of the Infinity Men is up and ready for sale at

              Here's one final sample from the book. Meet the mighty Kumquat Man!

              Artwork once again by the amazing Andrea SfIlIgoi ( )

              Click image for larger version

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              A workaday crook with an uninspired gimmick, Kumkwat Man may not be able to spell the word "Kumquat" but he's the closest thing this pack of misfits has to a responsible pro in their midst. The other two resent him for being a stolid square and they sometimes make fun of his hillbilly accent, but they look to him for advice when things get hairy.

              He's not big on monologues and doesn't care much for revenge. He wants to get the job done with as little hassle as possible and then leave. He's got bills to pay and cops to avoid and a drug habit to maintain. He smokes crack, to deal with the many stresses of his life and to his annoyance it's getting harder and harder to find. One more sign of a world that's going to Hell, he supposes.

              If someone asks what the thing on his chest is, he replies "It's a kumquat. Because, you know, I'm Kumquat Man." He then sighs with distaste and lights another cigarette.

              Neither especially bloodthirsty nor particularly merciful, he has no objection to killing people if they're trying to kill him, but no desire to kill anyone otherwise—it brings the heat down way too hard.

              You might ask, if he prefers to keep things low-key, why does he wear a costume and lob exploding kumquats at people? The answer is that chicks dig costumes and criminals treat supervillains with respect. Also, he doesn't have any really solid skills apart from throwing things. He's not a very good thief, he's not big enough to be a goon, he lacks the training and inclination to be a hacker. He can barely read and can't do simple math, so he'd make a lousy drug dealer. But he's always been amazing at throwing stuff. He could likely have been a professional baseball pitcher if he'd ever had a chance to try it. Instead he dropped out of school at sixteen to support his family and never had time to try out for sports. West Virginia didn't offer him a lot of legitimate job opportunities and then he got hooked on crack. So crime it had to be.

              He still sends his mom and little sisters money when he can, even though he knows they're probably wasting it on drugs.