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    Tis Stephen 'Stormwell' Hughes of Utherwald Press fame.

    I've spent some time working on a Dieselpunk setting called Frozen Skies, its close to being finished and I'm hoping to have it released in the next couple of months. Though a Setting Primer, which is designed to get you started, is available HERE.

    I also have a second project in the works called Cold War Skirmishes which covers some of the lesser well known conflicts of the Cold War period, more details can be found on the UP blog and in particular HERE.

    First CWS book is likely to be the Australians and New Zealanders in Vietnam, partially because their role in that conflict is overshadowed by the Americans and alot of material already exists in the Savage Worlds rules.

    Tend to post on a weekly basis, usually a Wednesday if I can, so check back every so often.

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    Skies of Crimson Brainstorm

    With Frozen Skies currently in layout and a (hopeful) release of some point in the next 2-3 months, its time to take a look at a future project. Skies of Crimson is one of those future project and is a supplement for Frozen Skies that focuses mainly on the sky pirates aspect of the setting. This week's post is more of a brainstorm/list of initial ideas of stuff that I'd like to include in the book, course there's no telling what may end up in the final product.


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      Cold War Skirmishes: Odd Angry Shot

      So last week we took a look at a few ideas I had for Skies of Crimson, this week we return to Cold War Skirmishes and delve deep into the jungles of Vietnam with the ANZACs. Odd Angry Shot is the name of this book, covering the Australians and New Zealanders in a conflict that was dominated by the Americans. This should hopefully form a good starting off point for the Cold War Skirmishes line.


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        A Surprise Announcement!

        Mentioned that I'm hoping to release Frozen Skies soon-ish, especially since the writing and layout work is pretty much done. No word on an actual release date as of yet, mainly because I don't want to commit to something unless I'm pretty certain that it'll be met. However, I do have bit of a surprise announcement to make....


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          Any idea yet what amount the pledge levels will be?
          You're rational, sir. It's only us crazy people who get to swap out realities on a whim.


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            Originally posted by Sitting Duck View Post
            Any idea yet what amount the pledge levels will be?
            Still being worked out, but I'll make sure to post a preview link in advance of it going live. But top of my head theres a £1 basic pledge, £10 for PDF and £25 for softcover....but that isn't final.

            Fulfilment via DriveThruRPG.


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              Alyeskan Tales: A Dragonhawk In Hand

              Some time ago I posted about both the Windryders and their Dragonhawk mounts, both have evolved a little since I originally post about them but that isn't going to be the subject of this week's blog post. I'm going to be running a Frozen Skies campaign some in the next few months and my players have expressed some interest in the Windryders and I've been thinking of ways to use them. So an Alyeskan Tales post fits best as a series of adventure hooks, some which may make their way into the campaign but otherwise all are free to use for anyone who wishes.



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                September 2017 Update

                Many things afoot....

                A few things to cover this week including change of schedule, Kickstarter news and a new Facebook group for Frozen Skies. In addition some details about a Frozen Skies campaign that I should be running soon as well as a few one shots.



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                  Frozen Skies: The Campaign

                  Mentioned previously that my group is gearing up to do a Frozen Skies campaign, one that I hope to post a bit about as the group progresses through it. A bit of prep work is still required, though thanks to the players I have a framework to begin with (more on that below). Not sure as to when the campaign will actually start, I'm currently running a Fallout New Vegas based Savage Worlds game and to take a break from being GM for a little bit whilst somebody else runs a campaign.

                  And remember folks, the Kickstarter starts Monday 2nd October!



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                    Forsaken Space

                    Up a day later than planned, Man Flu will kinda do that to a guy's schedule.

                    Recently found myself thinking about a setting idea I posted about early last year, basically fleshing it out a bit more. The core idea remains unchanged, just thought of a few addition to better round out the idea and make it more interesting. Also settled upon the name of 'Forsaken Space' for the setting.

                    Frozen Skies Kickstarter next Monday (2nd October), 5pm Brit time (12 noon US East Coast).



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                      Northern Ghosts

                      One of the things I wanted to do with Frozen Skies is maintain Alyeska's frontier feel; it is sparsely populated with a scattering of settlements rather than grand cities. Man has tried to tame this land but the land has pushed back in various different ways, leaving abandoned remnants of broken hopes and dreams. These are various ghost towns that can be found across Alyeska, any of which can be worked into an adventure.

                      On a side note, just (at time of writing) £400 left to go on the Frozen Skies Kickstarter.



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                        Rogue's Gallery: The Banshees

                        There are many sky pirate outfits that operate across the face of Darmonica, Alyeska is no exception given that it is home to the notorious pirate haven of Broken Spires. One outfit known as the Tundra Wolves has already been mentioned, though this week I want to take a look at an another outfit; The all-female outfit known as the Banshees.



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                          October 2017 Update

                          Right, update time.

                          We're getting towards the end of the year and Frozen Skies is getting pretty darn close to being released, though it is still a case of "so close yet so far". The news is mainly going to be about the Kickstarter, though I do have a couple of other things to talk about.



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                            The Airman's Gazetteer: The Commonwealth

                            One of the Q&As I've done in relation to the Kickstarter had people asking about the rest of the world of Darmonica beyond the shores of Alyeska. I've covered the various nations of the world to a limited degree, but nothing in depth. The most obvious one to start with is the Commonwealth (which I've posted about before) since that is the nation that currently has the most influence over Alyeska. Gradually I'll cover the other nations in turn should this mini-series proves to be popular, but hopefully it'll prove useful for those who wish to take their games of Frozen Skies beyond Alyeska and explore the rest of the world of Darmonica.



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                              The Airman's Gazetteer: The Free State

                              Currently our series, which covers the various nations of Darmonica in a greater detail, we take a look at the Tyland Free State. Formerly the Kingdom of Tyland, it now little more than a sad rump of a nation still struggling with the aftermath of defeat. It also faces an uncertain future as parts of its territory remain occupied by powers that may possibly clash with one another before long.