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    Frozen Skies: The Broken Spires Conspiracy

    There are a handful of plotlines I had planned for my Frozen Skies campaign, but never got the chance to do much with these. Big focus of some of these revolved around the sky pirate haven of Broken Spires; which got teased but no follow through. So this week we'll take a look at these and what could possibly had happened had the campaign continued.


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      Frozen Skies: Post-Campaign Thoughts

      Certainly a few things that I could've done differently or better with my Frozen Skies campaign, things I'm sure that my players can pitch in on. So this week I'm taking the chance to address the things that come to mind for me and what, if possible, could've been changed. Will also post about ideas I have forming for my next Frozen Skies campaign, no matter the format that takes.


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        Update May 2019

        So...its been a wee while since an update on things was posted.

        The big thing most people are going to be interested in is what is currently happening with Frozen Skies, chiefly the update to SWADE. Also covered will be plans for the future, new products and potential events. There will also be a small announcement, so hang around for that.


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          Weird Science Update!

          A recent conversion has prompted a look and some ideas how Weird Science works in Frozen Skies under the SWADE rules. How Power Points and Devices work now warranted a rethink for Frozen Skies. Hoping to preserve the differences between Glim-Tech and Ancient Terran devices, if anything to reflect their own style and theme.


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            Aerial HEXfight!

            Organising a Play-By-Post game of Frozen Skies has prompted thought over how to handle aerial combat in this medium. Theatre of the mind's eye I feel wouldn't work as well as I feel things would get too confusing with positioning. So some sort of map seems the best option, but again that has it limitations. Fortunately I think I found a decent compromise for what I'm looking for.



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              Keep The Home Fires Burning: Setting Rules

              Its been a while since I've posted anything for Keep The Home Fires Burning, though I've had a few ideas on how I want various Setting Rules to work. The Adventure Edition of Savage Worlds also provides a good excuse to look again at this setting idea. Once Frozen Skies has been updated for SWADE and an updated book released, I hope to come back to this setting in hopes of producing either a Jumpstart or Mini-Setting for it.



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                More Aircraft For SWADE

                Getting a blog post done this week has proven to be a struggle, though still wanted to produce something. Ended up opting to update some other aircraft to SWADE, the aircraft in question were extra cargo planes written over a couple of years ago. Hoping next week to have something more substantial.



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                  Rogue's Gallery: Andrei Dunlyfe

                  The world of Darmonica has a wide cast of characters who call it home, some are mere specks by the wayside whilst others exert influence far beyond the reckoning of most folk. Of the latter most are diplomats or heads of states, others work from the shadows to subtly nudge events in a particular direction. Andrei Dunlyfe is a man accustomed to working in the shadows, though currently a so-called 'Broker of Secrets' he was formerly a spymaster of the Kingdom of Tyland.



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                    The Wulftouched Revisited

                    Updating Frozen Skies to a new version of Savage Worlds has made me consider various things in the setting that need revising or expanded upon. One of those things that have recently crossed my mind was the Wulftouched; aside from a Hindrance they haven’t really been touched upon in the setting that much. So this week is a few ideas I’ve had to expand on the Wulftouched, hopefully to try and make it more appealing beyond just a Hindrance.



                    • The Wulftouched Overhauled

                      So mentioned last week that I was taking another look at the Wulftouched, mainly because I wanted to change how they work in the rules. Had some feedback on my initial ideas and some time to think over it, certainly looking like basing the Wulftouched's mechanics on the Harrowed from Deadlands is something worth perusing. So this week is an attempt at getting some rules down for the Wulftouched and a few Edges.



                      • The Gwentshire Chronicles: Setting Rules

                        As mentioned previously, the forthcoming new edition of Savage Worlds gives me an excuse to revisit some of my other setting ideas. This week is the turn of The Gwentshire Chronicles, a supernatural horror set in a fictional county in the West Country of England during different time periods. This post will have some setting rules and Edges, plus a side note on Gear.

                        PSA: Due to a family vacation, there will be no post next week.



                        • The Gwentshire Chronicles: The Rolfe Sisters

                          Back after spending a week in the West Riding of Yorkshire, more accurately in Brontë Country. There was certainly plenty to see and do in the area, also plenty of inspiration for various settings that I am working on. In particular the Brontë Sisters provide a source of inspiration for the Gwentshire Chronicles, namely in the form of the Rolfe Sisters.



                          • The Gwentshire Chronicles: Crostwick Combe

                            A third Gwentshire related in a row? What madness is this?!

                            On little bit of a roll with ideas for the Gwentshire Chronicles setting, this week it is a location. Since Gwentshire is meant to be roughly located where North Somerset is, it shares some geographical features with its real life counterpart. One of those features is a combe, effectively a small valley through which a watercourse does not run. In Gwentshire there are many combes, the most notorious of which is Crostwick Combe.



                            • Frozen Skies: Mariners of the Air

                              Aaand we're back to Frozen Skies.

                              This is an idea that I've been considering for some time, mainly as an alternative way to managing NPC crewmen in the Frozen Skies campaign that I ran but struggle to come up with something at the time. Currently preparing to run a game in a different setting and system, one that involves spaceships and a degree of crew management. This other game prompted a train of thought and I've think I've come up with something that'll work for Frozen Skies.



                              • Frozen Skies: The Gardaí Aeir (Air Guard)

                                I've mentioned a few times already, part of the process of updating Frozen Skies to SWADE is making some revisions to the setting's lore. I've already revisited the Commonwealth with the intention of giving it a more Irish/Celtic flair, including having a national police force called the Garda. This week sees some changes to Alyeska, chiefly renaming the Royal Alyeskan Air Police to the Gardaí Aeir Alyeska.