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    Rogue's Gallery SWADE-ified

    For those who have been following on social media, you'll be aware that I'm currently working on getting Frozen Skies updated to the new Adventure Edition of Savage Worlds. A draft of the update document (dubbed 'Black Ice') has also been shared and covers rules and gear, etc. The biggest task is updating the various NPCs due to changes to skills, Hindrances and Edges. Decided to redo a character previously posted on the blog, partially as some practice and partially to showcase differences.


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      Frozen Skies Session 15: My Heart Will G-...Oh

      After escaping the icebound wrecked skyship and Alex cementing his position as captain, the crew set about completing the second of Andrei's tasks. This entailed the crew indulging in a bit of sky piracy, though with almost disastrous results. Other highlights include a character dispatching their hated foe and a new member to the crew.


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        Update Feb 2019

        Well, its been a while since an update was posted.

        Now we've settled into a new year its probably an idea to make a post about whats planned for Utherwald in 2019. The big news is probably going to be Frozen Skies and SWADE related, but some other stuff will be covered.


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          Frozen Skies Episode 16: Revenge of the Burning Knives

          Last time our intrepid crew pulled off an airship heist and framed a rival gang for the crime in the process. For one character it really was the chance to shine...and almost die in the process. It was also the opportunity for a new character to join the crew, filling a spot that had recently and tragedy been made vacant.

          This week the crew were in for an unexpected and potentially nasty surprise...