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    The Airman's Gazetteer: The Artian Confederation

    Continuing the Airman's Gazetteer series is the Artian Confederation, a victor of the Great Darmonican War that now has little opportunity to enjoy the spoils of war. It has troops tied down on either occupation duties or keeping a wary eye on its eastern frontiers, what more relations with its wartime ally the Commonwealth have been growing increasingly tense. It has a very militant culture and outlook, though that could cause trouble in the near future.


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      November 2017 Update

      Right, Update Time!

      Bit of a break from the Airman's Gazetteer series, though that will return in a couple of weeks. The Kickstarter ended successfully, though we just scraped in over the target. So now work carries on behind the scenes getting more artwork done, sorting out extra content and doing a bit of spit and polish to get Frozen Skies ready for release. So quick round up of how things stand, some game news and an extra treat.


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        Things Never Go Smooth

        Remember last week when I said I'd be running a Frozen Skies one shot at the local university's games society?

        Unfortunately it ended up being cancelled, though with the prospect of being rescheduled at a later date. My plan was originally going to be writing up the post-game session report for this week's blog post, instead I'll be writing up what I'd intended to run. So sit back, relax and enjoy!


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          The Airman's Gazetteer: The Iron Collective

          This week we return to the Airman's Gazetteer with a look at a nation that's already been extensively covered; the Iron Collective.

          This isolationist, technological theocracy is viewed with a great deal of wariness by the other nations of Darmonica. It has refused to maintain any diplomatic relation. Its goals and motives are unknown, the regime refuses to let any of its citizens be exposed to any external influence. All everyone can do is keep a close eye on the Iron Collective.


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            The Airman's Gazetteer: Union of Sodkan Republics

            After looking at the Iron Collective last week, we now head south to the Union of Sodkan Republics; a loose alliance of small nations paranoid both by their big neighbour to the north and each other. They argue to be the successors to the Holy Sodkan Empire, something the rest of Darmonica is happy to accept. Though, many doubt how well the Union will stand when the Iron Guard march south.



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              The Airman's Gazetteer: The Coalition

              The Airman's Gazetteer series continues with a look at the Coalition, a nation ruled over by merchants and corporate entities.

              This is also the final blog post of 2017; with the next two weeks being Christmas and New Years respectively normal service will resume on Monday 8th Jan. A two week long break will hopefully mean fair progress will be made on the Kickstarter related content. In the mean time, Happy Holidays for whatever you celebrate at this time of the year.



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                The Airman's Gazetteer: Sultanate of Taramate

                Lying across the Mammut Sea south of the 'core' nations of Darmonica is the ancient kingdom known as the Sultanate of Taramate. It is said to be older than the Kingdom of Tyland, though much about the Sultanate is veiled in secrecy. Outsiders are generally restricted to a handful of ports on the Mammut Sea coast, though permission had grudgingly been given for a small number of expeditions to the interior over the years. Recently relations have been struck with the Artian Confederation and a small but growing Artian military presence has been established.



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                  The Airman's Gazetteer: Pamdinia

                  Nestled to the south of the Artian Confederation is one of Darmonica's few surviving small countries; Pamdinia.

                  Wedged in between the Mammut Sea to its south and the Odin Mountain Range to the north, Pamdinia is a long but narrow country with few natural resources. It managed to stay neutral during the Great Darmonican War, primarily due to its status as a major trading partner of the Sultanate of Taramate and the strong Pamdinian Navy.



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                    The Airman's Gazetteer: Back of Beyond

                    Now that the 'core' nations of Darmonica have been covered we come to the last entry in the Airman's Gazetteer series; The more distant but relatively unknown reaches of Darmonica.

                    The major powers of Darmonica are aware that distant lands lie well beyond their borders, though the details are sketchy at best. Some lands have been discovered and explored a little, others are only known thanks to travelers from foreign parts. There is also the prospect of remnant enclaves of Ancient Terrans waiting to be found.