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  • Against the Sky Pirates for SWADE

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    So - let’s establish three things:
    1. Jetpacks are wicked cool,
    2. Savage Worlds feels like a game where you should be punching crooks in jetpacks,
    3. and, jetpacks are far too underutilized given how wicked cool they are.

    We're setting out to remedy that with this adventure - which features a gang of jetpack equipped Dieselpunk ruffians doing crimes and in dire need of smiting by the savage fist of justice.

    Against the Sky Pirates! is a short scenario, designed to be played in an evening or two. It's also designed to be quick-starting and fast-playing. Towards that end, there are seven pre-gen heroes to get the game rolling quickly.

    This adventure is complete in itself - but does contain some references to the setting in the Super Villains Handbook.

    This adventure has been written to use Savage Worlds Adventure Edition. So, SWADE is required to use this adventure. However, no companion books are required.

    Check it out now! Just $1.99