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Beasts and Barbarians Poison Power Question

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  • Beasts and Barbarians Poison Power Question

    So I am looking at the Poison power and am trying to figure out why anyone would opt for a slower poison. Seems like their should be an increased power point cost or something. What am I missing here?

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    Which version, Steel or Gold? I don't know if the power changed in Steel, but longer times are useful for creating alibies and/or not being around when the deal is done. Or it could be a matter where you want the victim to linger around suffering, while you carry out your machinations. Granted its not effective in combat and probably leans more towards the story, but I can think of a few uses for it.


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      The poison power is only available to Lotusmasters, meaning it will always come in potion form. Spiking a drink is probably the most common means of administering the poison, so you don't want it to work "very fast" as that makes you the prime suspect. You'll want time to create an alibi.

      Lingering poisons (up to 1 week) can be perfect for framing someone else. If a king is going to be at a feast in four days, you can poison him now and then just wait. With a bit of luck, it will look like someone poisoned the king's food. Great way to start a war, and you can be miles away when it happens!