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(ACE) Play Testers wanted for Elemental Magic Overhaul

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  • (ACE) Play Testers wanted for Elemental Magic Overhaul

    Hi all,

    I am looking for some third party testing for a new elemental magic system. Although it is written for our upcoming setting, Gods and Masters, and the accompanying flavor text is geared towards that, there is no reason that it needs to be played that way. I am hoping that it will be a useful alternative approach for any fantasy game, especially if you find the current power modifier system a little too generic.

    If that is something that interests you, please message me here. Just to be clear, I will need you to sign a basic NDA. After I receive that, I will send you a 6 page PDF excerpt from G&M, with all the elemental magic rules. I will send you a survey in the form of a Google Doc, which I would like you to fill out. Also, if the system is something you find useful, we would be grateful if you mentioned it on the forum.

    This system has already been play-tested for about a year by me and some other GMs in my area, so I would like to think the major kinks are already worked out. But we could use a little outside input in working out the little bugs, and tweaking the balance.

    Any takers?

    JC Thompson

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    I assume the NDA is for any setting-specific language and details used in the magic system, and not for the magic system itself. Game mechanics are not covered by copyright law, so the only other possibility is that you have something really unique and want the honorary title of 'We Did It First' once the book gets published. But once it's out there, there's nothing stopping anyone from just using the system in their own (published or unpublished) settings.

    Honestly, you'd really be better off drafting up a version of the system with all the setting-specific language removed and just openly posting a link to the forums. Not only would you reach broader appeal, but the open nature of the discussion would allow individual playtesters to bounce ideas off each other (as well as you) for the best possible result.

    As I said, you can't stop anyone from using the mechanics in their own game, but you can ask them to kindly drop a "Thank You" to Twitchy Butcher Studios.
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