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  • Tips for the Successful Shadow Warrior

    Hi everyone,

    With Gods and Masters gearing up for launch on Kickstarter in the next few weeks, we thought we would provide you with some practical advice for dealing death to the imperial legions. The following text is brought to you courtesy of the Spirit of Resistance, Dokaro's last free newspaper.

    JC Thompson
    Tips for the Successful Shadow Warrior

    We at the Spirit of Resistance are always on the lookout for new wisdom to offer our readers. In our fight against imperial and religious oppression, sometimes a tiny edge can be the difference between crushing defeat and glorious victory.
    Our writers have spent the last few days speaking to many notable figures in the Nacaraj movement. We have compiled a list of their best tips and advice, in the hopes that you will take it to heart, and become that much more dangerous.

    Shadow Warrior Tip #1: Wear a scarf during your night on the town.
    That way, when you are in a dark alleyway, slitting imperial throats, your face will remain covered and no one will recognize you. Sure, it's hot, especially in the summer months. But it is a lot hotter in an Inquisition dungeon.

    Shadow Warrior Tip #2: Throw your trash on the streets!
    Clean streets are of great benefit to our imperial oppressors. After curfew, the legionaries can stomp around without having to check every bit of debris for signs of danger. When you litter, it is hard to tell if they are looking at simple trash on the road, or if they have found a trap. So do the city a favor, and throw your trash outside when you can.

    Shadow Warrior Tip #3: Shoot the fancy helmets first.
    When we Dorvans learn to fight as children, every child learns to act as their own commander. Sure, sometimes the war chief needs you to do something specific for a raid, but how you get it done is up to you. You use your own skills in a way that makes the most sense.

    Gronman soldiers don’t fight that way. Most of them have never picked up a crossbow before enlisting. Even the best fighters among them don’t have the tactical instincts of your average raider. Gronmans are too used to being told what to do. They rely on discipline, repetition, and coordination from their officers. So once a fight begins, you need to kill the officers right away.

    As a rule, the soldiers in the fancier helmets are usually the commanders. Once you eliminate them, the most experienced legionaries might be able to keep some order, but the newer recruits will panic and scatter, making them that much easier to kill. Show them no mercy, and show them that those who try to bend us to their will shall themselves be bent.

    Shadow Warrior Tip #4: Keep caches in every district.
    We have all been there. Sometimes, you are contacted to do a job all the way across town. You have all the skills and manpower you need, but you’ll need to either pass through several imperial checkpoints during the day, or risk scaling the district walls at night, after curfew.

    The experienced shadow warrior knows that the best solution is not to have a single set of gear. Keep equipment with friends, comrades, and allies in every district. When you go to a job, you can travel in broad daylight, without drawing any suspicion. When night comes, gear up, and do what you do best, without having to sneak halfway across Dokaro. It might be difficult to afford this at first. New shadow warriors might only have enough money to afford one set of weapons and armor. That leads us to tip #5...

    Shadow Warrior Tip #5: Loot all the weapons you can carry.
    We Dorvans have high standards when it comes to weaponry. Some of the old mercenaries among us refuse to use anything but the finest highland blades. If you already have your own gear, it is fine to be picky.

    However, it is important to remember that our newest generation of warriors doesn’t have the same access to killing tools that we once did. Now that the Empire has chased our city’s arms dealers underground, enterprising warriors can’t exactly go down the street and peruse their options. Sure, smuggling groups like the Black Moon Syndicate have kept us in supply well enough, but a lot of new raiders are not able to buy a full set of gear while they’re just starting out.

    So when you are killing cultists and soldiers, take their stuff, and pass it on to someone who needs it. Even a Flatland blade is better than no blade at all. And there is a certain poetic justice to slaying the foreign invaders with their own equipment.

    Stay tuned in the next issue for more tips, and stay strong for our people. As always,


    Faithfully yours,
    The staff of the Spirit of Resistance