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Realms of Cthulhu - is it still viable?

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  • Realms of Cthulhu - is it still viable?


    I happen to own the Realms of Cthulhu book by Reality Blurs and I have a question...

    Basically: is it viable (meaning, usable) with SWADE? I'm still new to SW, but from what I've seen in the RoC book, it uses at least one mechanic (the Guts roll) that were removed even in the previous SW edition. Now, with SWADE being published... is this book usable at all? Or is it too dated and not fitting with the current rules?

    Any opinions?

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    Like pretty much all SW material, the rules editions are highly compatible. Realms of Chtulhu is still a very viable book. Guts checks have been replaced with the more generic Fear rules.


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      You will see some things that make little sense like Charisma.

      But PEG did give us a comprehensive conversion guide and you can download it here...

      I have not because I find the system is close enough little effort is needed. Unless you really care about minutia.


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        As others have said, the setting is still very viable. The general concept and intrigue doesn't change, and upgrading to SWADE is relatively easy. As for the Guts skill, because the setting relies heavily on Fear and Sanity, you can absolutely keep Guts as a "setting skill" players will need to invest in. Otherwise, one of the main horror element of the setting becomes a bit too easy to avoid.


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          The horror isn't easy to avoid. The addition of a third Fatigue level, failed Fear checks causing Fatigue, source based penalties to Fear checks, and the ubiquitous Wound penalties mean that even Spirit builds can easily find themselves at huge penalties to Fear checks by the mid point of the adventure.

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        From what I've read in RoC, that game deals with sanity loss in the following way:

        1. A Gut roll to see if the PC is bothered by some horrible thing. Failed Gut roll usually means the PC gets at least one step closer to going insane.
        2. After failing a Gut roll the PC also needs to do a Spirit roll to see if he / she goes insane *immediately*.
        3. If that Spirit roll fails, the PC makes another Spirit roll to see the effects of going insane.

        I guess I could change the initial Gut roll to yet another Spirit roll?

        If not, please tell me: what exactly did a Gut roll / skill cover? What attribute was it tied to?


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          Guts was based on Spirit. As Deskepticon mentions, you can add the skill back in as a setting specific skill. It didn't have any effect other than countering horror.


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            Originally posted by Varsovian View Post
            If not, please tell me: what exactly did a Gut roll / skill cover? What attribute was it tied to?
            Guts (Spirit)
            Used to resist Fear checks, both Nausea and Terror. That's it.
            I hope you find the above post useful. And not insulting, because I was trying to be helpful, not insulting; being a pedantic jerk, that isn't always clear.