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[SWAG] A Ghostly Affair (SWADE One Sheet)

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  • [SWAG] A Ghostly Affair (SWADE One Sheet)

    Have a look at my new SWADE One Sheet:

    This time the setting is 1920s pulp horror.

    An unexpected inheritance, an old manor house and a dead man with a mysterious past. What could possibly go wrong? Right, you could end up being the focus of an ancient ritual that eventually devours your soul. Oh well…

    This is a pulp horror adventure set in the 1920 or the victorian era. It was written for theSavage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) and features a Social Conflict and a Dramatic Task. It includes 5 pregenerated characters.
    Let me know what you think about it, especially if you played it I am interested to hear how it went for you.