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    Hi, we have just started Rolecat first original setting for Savage Worlds:

    Savage Arena is a Spanish setting based in Savage Worlds Adventure Edition (SWADE) ruleset. The game is in Spanish, although we would like to translate it to English in the future.

    The action takes place in a nearly future, beset by scarcity and environmental problems. To combat this danger, humanity joined forces creating a single nation, the Alliance. The Alliance built 36 megacities in the most fertile places on the planet, choosing only choosing a small part of the species to populate them and expelling others to the red zones (the areas most affected by climate change), authentic deserts.
    Life in these big cities is very orchestrated in long work shifts, with the aim of returning the planet to its original greenery. However, its leaders have turned it into a true tyranny, where people and their rights are totally subject to the objective of restoring the planet.
    Living outside these cities is even worse. People kill for something to eat, water is scarce and the law of the strongest prevails. The survivors live in nomadic groups or huddle in the outskirts of the megacities with the hope of seizing some of the Alliance's leftovers. Diseases that grant a quick and painless death are sometimes seen as a relief.
    The only way to escape both forms of life is to bet your life at Savage Arena, a colossal worldwide television contest where the only prize is a ticket to the Ark, an artificial paradise created by the Alliance. And all you have to do is bet your own life bypassing dozens of tests. Only a few travels to the Ark and the rest die bloody for the entertainment of the masses. Despite this, there is no shortage of contestants willing to play their lives.

    The world of Savage Arena has three possible aspects. You can play in a cyberpunk setting within megacities. Survive as you can in a post-apocalyptic environment or participate in the show and its endless tests. You can also mix everything in a single campaign!

    As I know that the forums are visited by many people from all over the world, I thought there might be people interested in knowing this setting.

    If you have any questions or concerns about the setting, crowdfunding or anything else, I am at your complete disposal.
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