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SWADE version Gold & Glory available!

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  • SWADE version Gold & Glory available!

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    The UPSWADED Gold & Glory is available now on DriveTrhuRPG!

    If you already own the Deluxe version, you should receive an email message with a discount code to get the SWADE file!

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    Sweet. Been waiting for this one.

    Any other noteworthy updates or additions other than just converting traits and edges to SWADE?


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      Are you willing to tell us about this product?

      Page count, general stuff, or only the blurb on Drivethru?


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        MichaelDawn and Ndreare :


        G&G basically is a toolkit designed to play classic dungeon games with virtually no preparation needed. A la Heroquest, so to speak, but with our favorite, FFF rule set!
        It's great for when you want to game but some players from the ongoing game are missing!

        So what's inside?
        • A random character generation system that, combined with the custom character sheet, gives you a complete fantasy character in less than 2 minutes. Literally. All you have to do is draw three cards. A complete character means: race, attributes, skills, edges and hindrances, and gear! The only thing that's missing is a name! New version updates: This section basically integrated the core rules updates. Optional tables to also
        • Setting rules to emulate the classic old school dungeon vibe: simpler encumbrance (yes, simpler than SWADE, even!); rewritten "Vancian" magic ("Vancian" not as in D&D, "Vancian" as in Vance's books); AB: Miracles designed to integrate the "sins and precepts" concept inside the SWADE frame; dungeon exploration rules (light, movement, fleeing encounters), Advancement rules based on loot and downtime activities such as Carousing or Magical Research. New version updates: Besides the required updates, there is the new Loot Tokens setting rule, which lets players collect loot without book keeping!
        • The Dungeon Deck system, an "empty" procedure/framework to generate your own random dungeons, one room at a time, simply drawing three cards
        • The Seven Deadly Dungeons: 7 dungeon adventures using the Dungeon Deck system. Each includes full background, secrets & rumors for players to investigate, and dedicated Hazards, Treasure and Features tables. Each dungeon is strongly themed, has several secrets and high replayability. New version updates: Full monsters stat blocks have been introduced, so that no book flipping is required!
        Also, check out Andy Slack's review on his blog!


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          Originally posted by Giuseppe Rotondo View Post
          MichaelDawn and Ndreare :

          New version updates: Full monsters stat blocks have been introduced, so that no book flipping is required!
          Dear Solis in heaven, thank you.


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            A new, free/PWYW release for G&G is available!

            Gold & Glory - Old School Gaming in Savage Worlds is guide aimed at explaining the core concepts of “Classic Dungeon Games” and how they interact with the Savage Worlds rules through the Gold & Glory book!

            Wether you play G&G or not, this guide may give you something useful.
            It is the result of playtests, con and demo games, and of course my regular group games, and can be seen as a collection of "best practices" that may just be useful to anyone!

            So what’s inside this guide?
            • Gold & Glory as a Classic Dungeon Game
            • Player Skill: The Random Character Creation
            • Player Skill: Notice Vs. Actual Inspection
            • Player Skill: Risk and Reward
            • Dungeon Difficulty
            • Resources and Information
            • Attrition Combat
            • Linear Vs. Location-Based Adventures
            • Gold & Glory as a Toolbox in Your Games
            • Gold & Glory at Its best
            • The Flashback Introduction
            • Quick Downtime



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              Cool, I grabbed it.

              I will try and read it this weekend.


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                Hope you're enjoying it!


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                  The new dungeon template Is also available!