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    It has been a long time since I posted anything here on the forums. I have been busy updating the Jumpstart since we first released it. I thought we could do it better and it is very close to being ready. Along the way we have about 2/3 of the setting book done and a few other one shots getting their final edits etc. For those that don't frequent Facebook much I thought I would share some of the art we have done as well now. The plan is to have the Kickstarter about middle of next year and have the whole thing read and shipping before the end of 2020. Ill let people know when we have firm dates though : ) I am looking forward to feedback on the updated Jumpstart once it is released. The art I have down below is some of the species currently completed with write ups for the setting and three examples of the color style you can expect for the book. I hope you all find it interesting : )
    Brandon Verhalen
    Star Anvil Studios

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    looks good!


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      With the aliens pretty much written and done I'm moving on to completing my professions, a sort of paired down version of Iconic Frameworks. A few skill points and an edge in a general theme and some starting gear. It equates to starting off seasoned more or less. We have our own cybernetics rules and some rules for how psionics will work. The jumpstart is nearly redone writing wise. So now I am getting all the art added I wanted the first time around and updating the layout. Here are a few more pics of the art we have.


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        I really like that bar scene. Great detail and atmosphere.

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      Thanks. I felt it would really help show the atmosphere of the game.


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        Just got the art for the group I run a SAINTs and Synners game for every other weekend. Check out the crew! A retired Star Marine, a merc, an engineer, and a grifter. They make a pretty solid team!